In game stat tracker

I think this game could use an in game stat tracker so players can track their stats.
Here is my suggestion for a way to set this up:

Overall Stats (All characters and Modes):
Total Matches played:
Total Wins/Losses
Trials Completed:
Total Fight Challenges Completed:
Total Number of Ultra Combos:
Total Number of Combo Breakers:
Total Number of Counter Breakers:

Individual Character Stats:
Character Name (For each character):
Total Matches Played (Offline Local Versus):
Total Matches Played (Single Player vs Computer):
Total Survival Matches Won:
Longest Win Streak (Survival):
Total Exhibition Matches Played (Online):
Total Ranked Matches Played (Online):
Number of Ultra Combos All Modes:
Number of Combo Breakers All Modes:
Number of Counter Breakers All Modes:
Fight Challenges Completed:

I appreciate feedback this can either be done in game or on an official website for the game

This already exists in the fight archive. If you need help accessing it,just ask :smiley:

I think all if not most of these stats can be accessed through your Fight Archive.

What really isn’t in the game is the exact number of times you have used each character, only a %