In exhibition, how does the stage music work?

I mean, if the winner choses the stage music (non default), does the other player also hear that music or does he hear the default music?

The other player hears the music that is there by default or the music that s/he picked. No one is forced to hear the other’s music.


and how does it work in lobbies?

Why? No one should be forced to listen to the music you picked. It also works the exact same in lobbies, except the spectators listen to the default choice.

a lot of people that i know never bother to change the default music, so it kind of a shame that they don’t hear the other awesome music KI has to offer if the winner select it.

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I don’t see how that’s a problem. You can listen to your own theme if you wanted.

Plus I don’t think you know that for sure. You could be playing someone who has set their music : p