Improving training mode

Hi everyone I have a few suggestions o of some features I’d like to see in training mode.

  1. when I’m recording with the player 2 character eg sabrewulf I’d the frame data to display the frame data of the move of the character I am currently using.

  2. when we reset back into the centre of the screen (pressing menu and options) can potential damage be reset as well. It’s quite cumbersome to have to sit and wait for it to refill when you wanna know the damage percentage of a certain set up.

  3. I would also like a reversal option for the cpu, so upon hardknock down they will try to wake up and do something. I suggest:

Wake up > backdash
Wake up > special move
Wake up > shadow move
Wake up > throw
Wake up teleport

Adjust these options dependant on the character.

That’s all I have for suggestions right now, if anyone has any ideas of festures that could I orbs training mode id be happy he hear you out.

These are good suggestions, imo. I’ve been missing the wake-up option as well. Wat else I’d like to see is the option to set training dummy behaviour when recording. At least have the option to block all attacks.

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Also, SF5 has the options to record the dummy what to do after succesfully blocking an attack. Every fightinggame would benefit from an option like that, inlcuding KI.

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