Improve character low-res/poli look & feel

Hello there folks and fellas, stay with me again at it.

We know the fighter model on select screen, loading, intro and winning scenes could be polished, right!? But how?
Yeah, putting into practice this not crazy lesson learned just from many games. This is a game dev thread.

Here it goes, KI fighters models in game fighting look very very nice and polished on the camera they are intent to be seen, a far. But so many times we have these moments where camera comes up (so) close and, well, the visual magic is gone baby. How to git gud without troubling the performance? Alternate models. Wow what!? Well, let me explain the process. It’s a common transition that happens on so many games, every time when it goes from gameplay to cutscene and back and forth. This is a proposal, why don’t take advantage of that on KI too?

Select and loading screen? We don’t have scenario, particles, global lighting, nothing 3D rendered beside the actual fighters so use high-res models! Intro scene? Just one character on stage/camera to render, high-res model! Winning scene? Same as intro, less processing on camera, occlusion culling is already been applied here, time for that high-res model show off again!
Along with the fight things are in chaos motion and the camera is far, so there’s nothing to change here, everything is great already.

This polish is doable, and there may have high-res original models from where the in-game ones are their optimized version, a bit of coding work and those could be used to enhance the experience :blush: sounds great right?

Thanks for the reading! And sorry for my bad english eheh