Implement a +- Rule for Ranked League

First off I’m a new player to fighting games but I have played a lot of other types of competitive online games with ranked ladders. Right now I’ve been learning the mechanics and grinding up Bronze, all good. Getting better all the time and loving the game.

I’m all for having fast matchmaking times but there should be some kind of restriction on how many leagues above or below you someone you are placed against can be. For instance out of my last 5 matches I just played in bronze 3 of the players I faced were Killer and 2 were Bronze.

I understand that the point loss is not significant for facing Killers and that’s good but it’s just bad matchmaking. This matchup typically won’t be a good game for the Killer player or the Bronze player. You would never see a Diamond team in League of Legends put vs a Bronze team, or a team of Silvers in CSGO put vs Global Elite players.

A ±1 league rule is a way this could be solved, or even if it was limited just so only Bronze couldn’t be put against Killer to separate the lowest tier players from the highest that would be a good step I think.


Bad matchmaking? Without it, you’d have a heckler of a time finding many players. This isn’t LoL or some other franchise with a massive community, at least not yet - we’re getting there.

Besides, fighting veteran players is better for you because you can learn more from them, and faster, so long as you’re willing to take a beating along the way…

The issue has been raised before, and the bottom line is KI’s matchmaking tries to get you a game as quickly as possible. It will sort through available opponents by rank first, and if it takes too long then it moves on to just giving you a match to play against anyone. While not the most fair method, it keeps you playing the game and in the end that’s all that matters to me.
And they have Exhibition if you would like to only pair with similar level players, where the only loss (a trivial one, at that) is the ability to gain Ranked points.

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Pretty much the replies I expected. I know the game doesn’t have as many players as LoL, but I don’t think I’ve ever waited longer than 30 seconds for a match in KI, and I don’t think most Bronze players would mind waiting another 30 seconds to not be matched vs Killer.

To be perfectly clear as well I don’t have a huge problem with playing Killer players. In unranked that should be normal, but without some kind of control for which players face which ranked isn’t even really like a ranked. In the current setup honestly ranked feels like what’s usually casual matchmaking in most games. Find a match with speed as top priority rather than player skill.

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I believe the intention of the two matchmaking modes are to fill specific roles;

Exhibition is the “casual play” mode, as the search settings can be adjusted to set a minimum and maximum rank, allowing you to more easily pick and choose the (game displayed) skill of your opponent. It’s also very useful for playing longer sets against a specific player, whether they’re someone you were matchmade with or a friend you are specifically looking to play against.

Ranked is the “competitive play” mode, and as such is stricter. You don’t get to pick your opponent, only play a one-and-done match (or BO3 set once you’re both in Gold or Killer) against them, and gain/lose ranked points according to the level of your opponent. In my experience, the way KI matchmakes in Ranked mode is very similar to other fighting games I’ve played online; the Soul Calibur, Tekken, and DOA series will all place you against an opponent of any skill level, and as a brand new player I faced (and lost terribly) to someone of far higher rank than I.

It can certainly be frustrating to lose those matches but I don’t believe seeing Ranked in KI as the casual mode is what was intended, and I don’t think KI’s matchmaking is as unique a method as you might be thinking. It isn’t perfect, but no automated matchmaking has ever been in any game I have played; it’s pretty common in shooters, for example, for a brand new player to end up in a game against people who have been playing the game/series since day one.


Thing is NO ONE uses the search criteria method in exhibition! They pretty much ALL just hit search and if they get matched against a Killer they leave the match wasting everyone’s time. It really pisses me off because I had 6 in a row leave! 6!

They need to fix EX to have the default search be you Min and Max tier.

Well I had the same person leave 5 times in a row in Ranked, so while we can complain about that, user error isn’t the fault of the game.
The default setting right now gives you the broadest criteria to find a match, its up to you and your preference if you want to fight someone of a similar skill level.

I didnt say it was the games fault. I said no one uses the search criteria. So my suggestion is reverse it so its set up more for those that dont use it then for who do.

Do you ever see anyone complaining about using the search criteria?

This is key. The game seems to want to put you against whoever it can after a certain point so you aren’t sitting at a “searching for opponent” screen for minutes on end.

I think this is a double edged sword. Good so you aren’t waiting forever if nobody in your rank is on, but kind of sucks in ranked to be placed against somebody so much higher than you but as TC stated a bronze doesn’t lose many points to a killer anyway so it’s not all that bad.

I’ve wondered this for a long time, but why don’t you just set your level filter so that you don’t run into people who will leave when they see you? Even when I’m learning a new character I set my minimum level to Gold. I find people rarely ever leave the lobby when they see me, and I’ve got a pro star to boot.

If Silvers and Bronzes are leaving when they see you, then just modify your own settings so that you no longer run into Silvers and Bronzes.

Thats not the point, of course I can and have done this. But if I myself am learning a new character or mainly working on my Level 50 run ( characters I dont care to play or know how to use efficiently.) I dont want to play Killer trying to taunt and teabag and 2x ultra me. Just not what Im in the mood for. I want to play all levels.

I like to play mid levels so i can help them as well. Every time I cross a lower level I give them tips and send them GGs and Infils guide link, and most importantly the forum link.

I just dont understand why they cant use the filter. I DO want to play all levels… they dont. They need to use the filter. I shouldn’t be limited to whom I want to play because many want to disconnect at the sight of a Killer rank.

Depends on who Im running, if Im running Omen I use the filter or just play ranked.

When you get matched with a killer, you should message them and ask them to teach you something, critique you, or play a long set with you.

Most will happily do that for you, and you can learn a TON in a short time.

We could have an option where you can filter only opponents from or above your level in Ranked Mode.

Sometimes simply not worth to fight a qualifier, bronze or silver player. It’s bad for both: the Killer don’t earn enough points and the beginner gets massacred.

I don’t think this would impact to much in the search for a onlline ranked match because some people prefer to wait and have a good fight.

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