Imho Fulgore is largely alright, just wondering about his shadow laser dp followup

While I agree that Fulgore is strong, I don’t really think he’s a cancer like some of the opinionated people are saying. However, I have a question about his shadow laser followup to dp. Are there significant landing frames on the move? Because it seems to recover impossibly fast if done low to the ground, and after watching Combo Breaker, it seems like a dedicated player like Nicky NS can practice fast cancels and make their dps completely unpunishable against chars without a projectile invincible special/shadow move, even when they have the opponent cornered. While he normally has to give up any momentum he might have by pushing them away (if he doesn’t eat a punish), it seems like it can be abused in the corner for some absolutely oppressive corner pressure. Am I misreading the move, or do you guys think it needs to be adjusted?

P.S. is he advantaged or disadvantaged after doing it in the corner, assuming it’s done with perfect timing?

On the air shadow laser,it is always unsafe if in the air. On the ground,it is minus 3 but far enough distance to ve safe.

Ty for the response. When you say it’s always unsafe in the air, does that mean it has a lot of landing recovery frames? Because it can be done very close to the ground and Fulgore will land even before he finishes all 5 hits. In this case, it seems like he’s unpunishable by 5 frame moves. Not sure about 3 frame moves.

The air version has a lot of landing frames. the grounded version pushes him away.

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Isn’t there a reason Nicky does it so close to the ground after a DP on block? I thought it gave him a slight advantage?

It is too bait people into punishing it and then hit them with it.

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It is definitely bait. Air shadow laser has at least 15-20 frames of revovery. Any minor movement special can always punish it. The closer you are to the ground, the less falling frames you have but punish is still the same. Its part of throwing off your opponent.

Ty for the clarification guys. I’ll be sure to keep Fulgore’s reversals honest from here on.

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