I'm thinking about taking me and bae to Combo Breaker 2017

This is a real non-committal ■■■■ post. I don’t have anything to say really. I just want to mark down my thoughts on reasons why I should go and reasons to pass.

Reasons to go:

  1. Go to my first big tournament

  2. Meet new people from the community

  3. Test my skills

  4. Travel and boarding is cheap… for my circumstances


  1. Bae says the zoo is free in Chicago and she wants to take the kid

  2. The following Monday is Memorial Day so I would still have the day off.

Reasons to pass:

  1. The trip is 5 hours away

  2. Bae might get bored

  3. Take PTO just to make it to pools on Friday.


You should go man.


5 hours away? Meh… It’s not very far for you. The trip is 11 hours for me… :slight_smile: But I still going to Combo Breaker


When is the sign up for combo breaker? I know I will loose, but it is just something I have always want to do. It is a bucket list sort of thing.

You plan on pre registering or in site registering?

Go, dude!

High-cost maintenance on my vehicle will prevent me from going anywhere.

Pre registering on the site. Is there a fee?

I know my son is going to want to get in on this also, so the goal would be to sign us up at the same time online.

I registered online. The price should be a lot. Want to say $70 bucks cause now is late registration. As long as you don’t plan on playing in a tournament that’s your only cost. If you plan on playing in KI it’s $10. There’s a processing fee of $2.90.

Combo Breaker is a ton of fun. Went to my first last year and quite enjoyed it. The venue is a solid hour+ outside of Chicago, but well worth the travel.

Because of its location, lodging was not bad. Food places around were solid.

All of this is surpassed, though, by being in a giant room filled with FGC family. Fun to watch. You’ll meet folks from the forums, and folks that you’d have no idea you’d ever be in the same room with. I’d say if you can, take the plunge!


Will you go to CB this year? :slight_smile:

I’m not going to be there this year, unfortunately.

Aw man. It was great to meet you at KIWC! I hope we will meet again.

So if I want to play KI it would be $80? Or is that if you want a room and all that. I live close to CB so I was just going to drive the day of. This is why I go, because it is close

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DONT PASS IT UP! Its worth it and you dont want to wait too late in the games life cycle that there may not be a tournament to go to.

Go! I command you to go! You wont regret it and “Bae” will have fun too!



My son and I will go, but if it is $80 to play then we will just go and have fun. No way am I paying 80 to lose in the first match.

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Might as well man. Even if you lose you can still hang out.

Also, I think you’ll be in pools first. I’m not exactly sure how it works though. Can’t you lose a few times?

Why the HELL would it be 80$ to play in KI?? Ie never heard of an event so costly?

35-40$ entry fee plus 1 game is the average.

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Early reg was $55 venue fee and $10 per game entry. Late reg costs more due to the logistics and emergency reg even more so. Combo Breaker is free for spectators and you can get a neat spectator badge. There are usually stations/people to play with. Just don’t forget to bring your own controller and cable, wireless is banned unless the system can only do wireless.