I'm starting to get frustrated

I could just blame lag when I know that something is negative on block and as quick I start my offense with c. LP I find myself being attacked again. Same with blockstrings against, lets say Cinder, with light moves or whatever he does. When I go to practice mode I can see all the data and I know they can be beaten. Then online in ranked I’m still getting smacked by the same movements I know are negative.

Yes, I’m frustrated. I wasn’t easy to beat in old KIs and now for lack of time (I don’t know how much time this people play but I’m assuming a lot more than myself) I end up losing for close or totally destroyed for falling into frametraps, extreme offensive players where I see no openings, or players (many Jagos) that just stay still until you are open.

I’m playing more Gears of War now, it has less buttons…But I’m not leaving KI. I loved and still love KI though this one feels different (new, which is ok) I’m just going for a bad moment in the game =( . I cannot counterattack when the things that are happening on my screen aren’t the ones that are really happening. Everybody breaks everything too! My God, they really have spent a lot of time here to break manuals , right?. I’m getting matches with very good players,I couldn’t beat anyone this week, just NONE. And the day I was going to do so: disconnected and penalized for leaving the match -____- Yes, frustration again.

A friend of mine is going to make a figtstick for me since I can’t get one where I live. I’ll be back to KI then and see if I can perform better with the oldschool style. For now, back to Gears =( …

PS: I lost practically all matches these last days. But I wanted to point out that those players have been very respectful. I appreciatte that a lot.

It happens to the best of us. We all get those days eventually.


Thank you Swordman09 =)

Unpunishability of stuff you KNOW is punishable is usually an artifact of playing online. You lose about 3 frames on average for KI’s net play, so certain moves can often feel much more difficult to punish than they in fact are. Wulf’s running uppercut is a good example of this.

As to the level of competition you’re running into, that’s just from you coming to the party a bit late I’m afraid. A lot of the breaking for instance has been honed over months of play at this point. Even if I can’t react to something, at this point I’ve got a good idea of what particular characters like to go for in certain situations, and can pick up on player tendencies pretty well. If you keep playing, you’ll find yourself doing the same. You’ll also figure out a lot of the more common frame traps.


The game is intended to be fun. So, if you are frustrated and annoyed it’s probably good to take a break and maybe even play something else for a while. It happens to all of us, as Swordsman says.


Indeed, I’m trying to be competitive at least in two games at the same time. I can’t find the time to practice both =(
I’ll be back once I get an arcade fightstick made by a friend. I think that I’ll feel more motivated once I can adapt to the oldschool style. Or…I won’t blame the control anymore for bad inputs XD

I suggest finding a sparring buddy and hash it out on exhibition. quitting won’t solve anything and just delay your frustration till u pick it back up again. I loathe swordmans cinder! but I dust off the charred remains and keep going. the net code on KI is arguably the best but things tend to work online that don’t in local play/practice ala + or - on certain moves in certain conditions. they compensate by running the game at 90fps, it helps but not 100%. some players know how I’m going to perform before the start button is pushed. that’s why I think playing out of your norm and taking risks is just as important as playing safe and basic. remember that this game is sort of a race for people to acclimate themselves to a very large, broad play style that varies in it’s user base. the more you see, the more you know. and to quit now really just adds to the current gap.

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I’ve given up for the most part on online play since I’ve had a string of curses ever since I hit silver. Then again, I spent most of my time in KI grinding for color unlocks anyway, so I had no reason to go for the extra stress of ranked. KI became my relaxing game.
So I understand completely why you’d want to avoid the stress of a possibly laggy online experience.
Best of luck in Gears, friend (hope it’s less laggy than back in the day) Hopefully you can keep up with KI in your spare time, even if it’s offline like me.


I’m a Killer in Ranked, and I sometimes get beat by Button Mashers and higher. It happens. Sometimes, you just need a break, and come back later.

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I wanted to see if I derserved the rank killer. I used another account to go through the qualifier ladder again. Didn’t lose a match, that account is gold now. Im practicing with it to see how much it will take me to get to Killer again. Of course when a qualifier fight against a Killer rank most of those players will use the weakest character they have to get the achievement (I do the same,I don’t like using mains against new players) . Now that I’m gold again Killers will stick longer to their mains. But the difference between gold and Killer is visible. So I’m guessing I’m ok in that rank.

We can say that compared to Gears, lag in KI is unexisting, heh.
I know what you mean, I have a friend in the same situation. I enjoyed levelling on KI. It was quite a challenge. Reading Infils guide helped me, also watching other players and then practicing was useful. Finally Sajam’s guide called " from bronze to killer " helped me on the final step to reach it. I find all of those things motivated me to get better at this game. I was good in the old Killers, but here I had to learn all over again. It wasn’t easy.
Of course it took it’s time. If you compare it to Gears of War you will notice another thing: you won’t be playing against the best GoW players in that game, but playing Killer you will have the chance to face very good ones. It’s such a challenge! you will learn a lot from that.
I think I enjoyed making new friends here and relax. I can’t really relax on Gears so, I’ll be playing KI too, I like shadow lab quite much for that n_n
But whenever I lose too much I just go to sleep and give it a try another day.