I'm sorry for the shitpost but the Saucey Suite and CB 2016 is soooo salty right now!

“You want me to eff off?.. ALRIGHT I’LL EFF OFF!!!”

“Go to bed, you gotta shift at Aldi in the morning!”



Old man is an ■■■■■■■

Is there a video of this stream? :joy:

He’s annoying, old as hell acting immature af


Twitch <

time stamped for you. lol

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Sheesh. That’s a lot of damn salt.

Yeah that guy had way too much to drink lol

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Who was he? How is he affiliated to ki? Is he part of ig?

calm down. its all in good fun.

I’m just saying he was being a d***k to everyone lol which was weird to me because I usually see everyone being respectful to each other. Then again I haven’t been watching streams/tournaments for that long so maybe it’s nothing new lol

Yea this is the Saucy Suite where everyone gets trashed and acts a fool. Its all good salty fun.

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Oh lol well that one dude efffed off seemed upset lol

Ehh it’s alright. Trash talk is what seperates Saucey Suite with regular streams. Not only that but the guy who is doing the trash talk is the CEO of Iron Galaxy, the studio that is working on KI.

Funny dude when he is in the Zone.

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