I'm soooo sick of cheating!

I’m in gold trying to grind to killer and I swear to god every 4th match I win the first match then suddenly lag and the person I’m fighting is combo braking everything glitch ing around the map and destroying me.

Report them.


I am it’s just beyond frustrating losing a match and losing so many points when it was clear as day that was your win.


This and keep fighting the same players everyday 2 or 3 times in a row most of them killer levels… I’m already giving up on this because every time i reach ultra i start to fight the same people over and over again until i loose 2/4 of the bar and get demoted. These days i made like 20 matches in a row and i fought the same people like 4 times each, the other players or was killer people reclassifing or in a rare case someone that i can stand a chance and have a good match.

Are you positive you aren’t the one lagging? Is your Internet perfect?

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I’m hard wired in and a lot of the time when this starts happening they lag out and I get the win. But also the lag always starts to happen once I’m in the lead it never happens when I’m losingZ.

I can say for myself. Today my connection for some reason is lagging a bit, but when this happens i get lag during all the match, not a single lag spike on a specific time that miraculously turn the tides of the match. I fight a best of 3 and have good connection 99% of the time, when it’s near the end, boom… lag spikes near the lasts 20% of the enemy HP and always when I am attacking. Seriously… i can’t believe that this is mere coincidence.

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Killer Instinct gave me problems these two last days. Lag, not loading the characters, occasional freezing. I don’t care about ranked anymore, but I know and understand your frustration. It’s not fair. I recorded a guy that got his star with disconnections:whenever he loses the lead everything lags, sometimes so badly that the connection drops. I’m tired of it.

I’m with the OP on this - I lag more when I’m doing well, so my opponents are often very questionable.

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I’m just a super ocd completionist and if I can’t get the killer rank achievement it’s going drive me insane and I’ve come across so many laggers or uneven mashups I feel it’s never going to happen.

I get this a lot too, I know its not me, I can play against my friend with unreliable internet on the opposite coast and have no noticeable issues. I know when someone suddenly lags that bad during and only during combos that something fishy is going on.

At least you can complete your achievements. Mine is forever bugged, so I can never complete 200 trials.


Why not? There’s got a be a way to fix it

Nope, apparently I’m the rare circumstance. It bugged out during the actual transition of Season 1-2 so I can see my trials at 200 but the achievement is still locked.

Watch I say this stuff and it’s actually unlocked :laughing:

Edit: It totally was, I didn’t even notice!

That’s awesome HAHAHAHA

Tell me about it, in Gears of War Ultimate Edition they reset my Seriously achievement twice (you have to get 10.000 kills). I have 25.000 and nothing, no way to fix it :sob:
They hardly play this game in my region so I have to region jump, and the suffering when lagging…it’s too much. But I love the game. Unless is totally unplayable for me I’ll keep on going (until I put my hands on GoW4)

Keep working and you will get there. What region are you in? If you want to avoid playing the same lousy people over and over again you need to play where there’s a lot of people in your area online. That means late in the evening on Saturday or Sunday (not Friday - turns out even nerds go out on Friday). And don’t play in the afternoon.

Also, and I know this is going to aggravate everybody, but it’s very possible it only seems like the lag occurs when you are losing because you notice things more when they affect you negatively. If you are cruising along winning you don’t notice it as much. It just seems unlikely that you are encountering multiple lag switchers. I have never encountered any.

I’ve found this also, some matches will start off fine, then lag while they pull out some crap, then I manage to get a hit in which then just basically stops the match, almost like the game drops all my inputs. Then they attack and it’s lagging in a way like they are pausing after every attack so they can time out some stupid combo. It’s basically just frame buffering like a tas bot

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