I'm so glad that this community is as great as it is

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A huge thank you to everyone that makes this community the great place it is! Whether you be Regular, Member, basic, old timer, rookie, moderator, or developer, this community is one of the best gaming communities that I have ever been a part of.
We have differing opinions, yet we respect the views of others(most of the time :wink:)
We sometimes don’t like whats going on, yet we keep on trucking.

But you know what? That is fine because we are all here having fun.
We try to welcome new players with open arms and give them advice on how to get better.
We regularly set up tournaments and casual matches with each other.
We are all here because we love Killer Instinct, both new and/or old, and looking back to when the new KI first debuted to where we are now, I’m so glad the community turned out this way!

Thank you all.


Thank you too!

I just wish I could be more… adult in the forums tho.


glad your enjoying the community mate

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Flattery will get you nowhere, son :blush:


:heart: my KI Fam :smiley:

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Now… When KI is long and gone…

Will we all still be friends? :sob:

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We will all slowly fade like cinders. Until that dawn of the new flame.

Why you gotta put it like that maaaaan…

Then we unkindled will bring in the New Age of Dark.

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You are most welcome, my fellow KI fan :grin:

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