I'm new! Looking for people to play with!

I just got killer instinct and started playing it. It is pretty different compared to other fighters but soo fun. I went to play ranked and couldn’t find matches for about a day. I went to lobby mode and i could find a few rooms here and there but most of them are filled with high level people. After that i went back to ranked and after a while i finally got a match! The netcoede is seriously amazing, it felt like i was playing local. Sadly i got my ■■■ whooped but i managed to get my opponent down to his second bar with about 1 third of a quarter left. pretty good but after that i just can’t find anymatches. My gamertag is Sandviches9000.


Welcome to the Killer Instinct community!

A great place to look for matches is on this forum in the GGs thread. People use that to set up matches with friends. Good luck!


Yeah GG’s thread is like the forum’s official match maker.
Since your new you may want to consider the dojo, and its
options, also when looking for matches try setting your filter
to beginner level. also xbox app is your friend.

A great source of information can be found here.
In my opinion the best site for KI info-

Just be warned, there are a lot of hungry Raptor’s
out in the wild, and Riptora loves cheese burgers.
Riptora says Hi! Eat ya later!

PS, if you want some matches invite me anytime, I like
noobs, dont really hit back much, but you can try hitting
one of my raptors.

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I’ll be home from work today and 2. You can hit me up then. Gamer I’d is General Screbor. I have 5 guys at level 50 Kan Ra, eyedoll, Jago, Saberwulf, and Riptor. Watch out for my rippy she’s my main terror.

Sandviches, I recommend trying the Shadow Survival mode to train. The nice thing about it is that the mode mimics players based on habits and reaction times. Compare this to the AI that reads button inputs from the player and difficulty scales that AI’s ability to “react” to those inputs. Hence why at higher difficulties the AI can tech all your throws and continuously block everything.

Don’t get frustrated by players online. Sometimes it is pretty rough out there. I got wrecked over and over again at first. As long as a player isn’t being disrespectful to you, try and stick it out for at least a first to 3, but ideally first to 5 or 7 wins. You’ll learn something… hopefully. Sometimes I get destroyed even after the opponent gets 7 wins and I still don’t know what’s up.

And yeah, we’re here to help.

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Welcome! Pretty much everyone here is willing to help so just ask and Im sure you can find a set with someone daily.
Where are you located? Curious as to why its so hard to find a match since here in Louisiana I never have troubles finding a match in EX or ranked.

Good luck!

I got my ■■■ beat but I’m loving it cause every other fighting game I played the Lag was so bad i couldn’t even play properly. Killer instinct I can atleast lose knowing that I was on an even playing field. I played 9 matches against the same dude and lost all of them except for the last lol (I jumped up and got super hyped at that). It’s great fun! Will definitely try shadow survival mode.

I live in new zealand, palmerston north. I started finding some matches for ranked but they were all against the same dude lol.

Do you have a link for the thread, I will definitely check it out.

New Zealand is probably the reason LOL…also… what is your NAT? DO you have you Xbox box port forwarded to your modem? You need an OPEN NAT toallow certain online traffic to your modem.

I bet that is your problem!


Send me a message, I’m newbie too, playing around almost 2 months now. I did all dojo lessons, got silver, but I still suck at this game, even so I like to play it sometimes. I get rekt very often too, this is kinda sad, but I’m stubborn and still playing it lol so if you want to play some matches (FT3, FT5) speak with me. I play more at the weekends.