I'm loving KI (PC) and everything works great for me so far

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First of all I just wanted to thank the devs for their hard work, the game runs great, and I have no bugs or glitches yet.
This game is amazing, and it’s everything I hoped it would be. I’m so happy that this port happened, I’m on cloud nine right now. XD

I am curious why it’s a little GPU hungry, and I would like to know if more VRAM would boost performance for me.

My rig:
AMD FX 8350
Nvidia GTX 760 (2 GB)

I hope that you guys will open up portions of the game for modding, I’m a mod author and I would really like to contribute some aesthetic style choices to users.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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What’s your TAG?

Same as my username on this site :slight_smile:

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