I'm having a hard time learning shago

I have watched the stream and what breakdowns and guides i can find but i still have no clue what im doing

Anyone? Need to have a good enough shago for color 10

What is it your having trouble with exactly? Juggles? When to surge? Dive kick? Instinct?

Juggling and combos and everything in general. After a throw I’ve gotten to the point of jp back hk thats about it tho

Anyone got any tips to get used to him i cant even do a simple combo

Well, can you do QCF/QCB inputs? as a part of the combo? Whether you can or not determines just how exactly we can help you.

As far as juggles go, if you’re jumping after a juggle, you’re doign it wrong. A lot of Shago’s juggles come from standing attacks, like from his throw, dash into throw cancel, or virtually any of his surged moves (where you perform a special move with the aforementioned QCF/QCB inputs but by pressing the attack button twice in quick succession instead of rather than just once, assuming, of course, you have your surge meter full). You can follow up most of these with a manual (basically, most normal attacks), followed by his b+HK flip kick, which staggers and can lead into another throw or special move to continue the combo. Be careful though, as both the manuals and the flip kick, as well as every other special move mid-combo, is breakable, so be ready with counter-breakers (HP+HK) if you suspect an opponent will break.

As far as a simple follow up after a throw, try Throw > F+HK > F, F, HP

It’s also worth mentioning, you never have to “get good” to get Color 9, it just takes time grinding.
Color 10 is only accessible if you purchase the Shadow Jago figure/statue.

If getting Color 9 is the main objective, here are some tips I posted over at GameFaqs to speed up the grinding process.

For me, the fastest possible way to grind points is as follows:

1.) Before starting, go into Fight Archive - Player Challenges (I think it’s called?) and select the player you want to level. Observe which fight titles your character is getting closest to, as those also award extra XP, and progress from there.

For example, if your character doesn’t have any ‘Survival’ wins, start off in ‘Survival’ mode to quickly reach those first few titles (win 5 matches in Survival, 10, etc).

Or if you are close to maxing out ‘throws’, keep throwing during your first match to quickly reach that title (and the extra XP that comes with it).

2.) Buy a booster, which stacks the XP if a bonus event is active.

3.) Do vs CPU mode on Beginner, and quickly hit ‘Replay’ after every match to avoid unneeded loading times and grind through the most amount of matches in as little time as possible. I’ve tested the different difficulties in this mode, and while the higher difficulties include a higher bonus, beginner is the most rewarding due to the speed you can whip through them and the points earned during each match. I was earning about the same amount of points on Beginner as on Veteran, but the higher difficulty tends to lead to longer (and closer) matches.

4.) Ranked will give you a higher difficulty bonus, but at the cost of more loading screens and matchmaking times, and possibly, less points per fight, depending on who you get matched up against. I would not recommend using Ranked for fast XP grinding.

This may not be the most fun way to grind, but I believe it to be the most efficient.
I never play Ranked, but most of my characters are at Level 50 and I was getting about 6000-8000 XP per match during bonus XP weekends.

I got the shago toy i want to be worthy of the color

I’ll try that simple combo i just dont get how to use him like none od the break down or guides have helped i spent a days watching saajam max thr stream about him.

Hes tricky tricker then maya

I’ve been wanting to do my first tutorial guide on Shadow Jago, namely since he’s been a subject of interest for me and maximizing his damage opportunities. He’s fun and interesting to play.

When I have more time, I’ll try to make a post on some things I’ve learned since picking him up. I’ve gotten him to level 40 in a short time, and that’s not taking advantage of the double xp weekends either (they never seem to fall at a convenient time for me…). I’ve learned a good bit as him, although I’m sure there are lots of dudes on here who are much better at using him than me. If you have a specific question of a unique situation or something of particular interest, questions with more specifics behind them, there are lots of people on here who could help.

I tend to think of Shadow Jago as a higher risk version of Jago. His slide and back-HK ax kick make for a good high low mix up versus lower skill opponents, and slide is also a good substitute windkick that low-profiles fireballs (and wind kicks!). The dive kick can be a good crossup tool, and allows for an easy manual of any strength that’s within sufficient reach (best to go for a Heavy for the extra damage and reliability, imo).
Speaking if manuals, his heavy slide and Divekick linkers are really good for easy manuals (especially the slide. It’s gotten to the point where I can get consistent medium manuals from it… And the dive kick allows for easy heavies as well)

While it may seem gimicky and wasteful, getting your opponent in a situation where you land Annihilation on them is a great demoralizer.

Surged air fireball and surge Divekick are absolutely nasty for harassing your opponent, and dash through into throw/DP/Divekick mix up helped Rico Suave burn through the KI Cup Top 32.

Hope it helps. I’m not good with playing Shago myself since I don’t play him super often anymore (and I’m only Gold rank) but I have an ok understanding of the theory behind him.

Yeah im going to need some video maybe its the manual timing.

I always confide slide and dive kick slide makes more sense as qfc and dive as qcb

I dont even know what throw cancel means

I can do throw land hp into back kick into dive kick into dp ender

That’s about it tho

Down mk into slide wirks but yeah im just awful with this guy

I feel like i rely on specials to get combos started footise wise whats the best way normal back kick?

What’s funny is that I’m a decent shago player he’s my third main and whenever I’m using him online I get caught up trying to do flashy juggle combos and forget that my opponent goes for straight damage and end losing the match lol.

My advice as a non Shago player.

I have trouble when his divekick hits ambiguously behind me. A good Shago knows exactly where they will appear on the screen after a divekick. So?

If I were a Shago player then I would train how to approach your opponent with the correct divekick strength that you always know where you will land. Do scenarios where you jump backwards, or dash forward, etc. and cancel into divekick. See where you appear and if it matches your expected positioning. Removing all randomness is a key element imo.

Then do the same with his slides…

What woukd be some non throw bread and butter combos?

Still having a really hard time with him

B&B in KI is kind of a weird thing to designate; the combo system is modular and the breaker game will be a huge factor in what’s optimal at any given time.

That said - get into using B+HK as an opener. Getting the manual after B+HK is really easy, and from there you can go into whichever strength of linker you think your opponent won’t break and go from there. B+HK is a fantastic tool for starting combos in neutral poke ranges. Keep in mind that we can’t get an auto-double after B+HK; we have to land a manual to combo, but landing medium and light manuals will be quite easy.

For hit confirming, cancel your pokes into slide or into B+HK on hit.

If you hit the opponent with a DP, on wakeup or in neutral, surge it if you can. You can use B+HK on their way down to get a ground-bounce, and from there juggle potential allows one more juggle hit after ground bounce - and if you have a bar of meter to spend, you can shadow DP to cash out the potential damage from the juggling you just did.

If you want to be cheeky - combo B+HK into itself a few times. It’s a good way to fish for lockouts, since it has to be broken with manual timing.

Gatekeeper should not be underestimated as a poking tool.

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What do you find yourself burning meter on the most?