I'm going to my first offline tourney and need advice

Like the title says, I’m heading to my first tourney in just under 2 weeks and I have no idea what to expects or how to behave…

I’m also looking for strong players to practice against as I’m still learning as a player

Any advice would be greatly helped

Thanks Guys =D

Be yourself. Always.
Always keep some honey on you.
Drink lots of water. Always keep a bottle on you.
Have fun and enjoy yourself.
Don’t do it on the first date.

Edit: I COMPLETELY forgot!
ALWAYS wear fresh undies and t-shirt! Change every morning, so make sure to pack enough!

Just go and have fun. Try to play a couple of casual matches before the tourney starts. Always check your buttons. Try to level up as much as possible. You will notice that you play a lot better in an offline setting, when there is something on the line.

And, yeah, clean underwear, shirt and use deodorant. :slightly_smiling:

And shower often. If not every day, at least every other day!

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Don’t make your opponent intimidate you. Just play your game , doesn’t matter who you are playing. If you lose, don’t panic. Breath and think of why you did lose.

Are you heading to the Notts KI qualifier dude?

Get wrecked by the best players there for as many matches as possible. When you get home, apply everything you learned. This was an invaluable experience for me last year playing locals against literally the best players. I beat jagoblake, bass, and sleep all once every 20 matches or so and wow were those tiny victories silatisfying! lol
You’ll find that the majority of the KI community is very welcoming to others. Everyone was sharing tech and coaching each other at combo breaker. Man it was so fun.

Dont get bodied.

My advice, don’t counter-pick. Rough out the bad match-ups with your main and weather the storm.

I’m headed to Keep it Classy 7 - Road to Hype in London on 12th-13th March

I main Riptor as of late and just play each match as it comes, my only issue is dealing with Jago/Shago/Fulgore on their wake-up

I’d say just make sure you play as many casuals as you can. There is a difference between on and offline timing that is small, but very noticeable if you’re going for setups that need to be precisely timed.

I just went to my first offline tournament this past weekend. It was a blast and I met a lot of cool people. So above all just remember to have fun :smile::+1:

You could try going into predator stance, then cancelling it back to neutral to trick them into thinking you may do something.

Shower and clean up every day. That room is going to stink very badly… just make sure it’s not you.

Play as many games as possible and talk to everyone you play with. Ask them their name, learn a little about them, talk to them about what they think about character X or strategy Y. Make some friends.

For dp characters, keep a slight distance and use sweep to poke them. If Jago uses Wind Kick to crush the sweep, block next time and punish with LK into Heavy Tail Flip.

I use this all the time. I only have problems with Shago most times.

See you there dude, I’m entered and also doing interviews for my KI podcast.

Don’t overthink. Don’t let simple mistakes get to you. Stay positive. Don’t get discouraged. Just play your game.

Hope this helps even a little.

Don’t walk in expecting to win. Be there to have a fun time with other fans.

carrot sticks in a ziplock bag are cheaper than convention $15 cheeseburgers

I would love love love the ability to make an offline bracket with bots. Being able to host a 26 player tournament would be epic!