I'm a little worried about the PC launch

Thank you very much for replying to me, and actually posting what score you got while not streaming as well!

Here you go: https://www.twitch.tv/killerinstinct/v/56859290

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Thanks so much !

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Yeah sorry for not specifying the title of the video. Thats my bad :frowning:

You are welcome!

That is good news as well.

True. The only reason why I said anything about the lowest settings being too good was because I saw someone (people?) mention how that might be a bad thing for them, I think.

Anyway, a lot of my fears for the PC version have gone away now. The only thing I’m still kinda worried about is the crashing issue, but like someone mentioned that could have just been because of them constantly switching the settings and streaming at the same time as well.

Also, /r/PC Gaming on Reddit seemed to have responded to the Killer Instinct PC gameplay pretty well, too – so that’s good news.

Does the PC version maxed out , look better than Xbox one Version of the game ? I can’t really tell from watching on iPhone. Is it on high settings/maxed out supposed to look better than the Xbox one version ? I haven’t heard anyone say anything about that. If anyone is watching in HD on a monitor or something, does it in your opinion look better ??

It looks a lot more smooth than the Xbone version. The resolution alone, makes it look a lot better.

It does look a lot better because with a pc, you have access to a more powerful graphics card.

We’ll see. I hope some prominent youtuber like TB will do a video about KI’s PC release.

Yeah hopefully, he usually does port reports.
Arkham Knight did not do so well :smile:

TB was (and is last I heard) excited when KI was announced for PC. He’s worried because of the Windows Store, but then who isn’t?

Yeah something about the Windows Store scares me, it needs two features.
a Preload feature and backup/restore feature like Steam has.