iHeartSkulls Rants Again: Wrestling Games

I’ve gotten tired of wrestling back in the day because of the predictable storylines, now I’m basically tired of wrestling games (the damn 2K series) today because they seem to suck sooooo bad.

The gameplay and the gaming cutscenes is that of watching paint dry, the commentary makes it worse to even listen to it.

WWE has a bad habit of modifying damn there everything from the old days (entrance themes, entrance videos, previous tapings, etc.), and I think enough is enough.

Every year is pretty much a new Call of Duty and a new 2K wrestling game, the difference? One sucks and the other just reminds me off WWF Warzone (that game sucked too).

I hate to rant but as a gamer (also a music producer), I’d like to see a year where great wrestling games thrive. This is not that year for me. It’s just a reminder that the WWE has no real way of making companies make better games so they ride on the 2K publishing for cash.

Pre-Order two versions of Goldberg… In the words of Gargos: “Pathetic”.

End rant.

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I totally agree. I used to play then when they had general manager mode but every since they took it out I didn’t play.

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It’s a shame that almost all sports games are becoming a yearly thing. I missed Smackdown vs Raw or Here Comes The Pain… great games during their time.


I also loved the smack down vs raw, but each year got worse. I always liked the career mode the most. I have not bought one sense 2k took over. I have noticed that they are doing what every other game does now, and that is half a game now and the other half as DLC. I noticed that all the DLC are the either older characters or the more famous ones.

I miss the old days when $50 got you the whole game and that was it. Video games now are all about microtransactions and dlc “what can we get you to buy now that you own the game”.


my only gripe is the fact that there are no interactive storyline, I hate the storylines they force you into now, back before where our technology is now, we could create whoever, and run a deep storyline making enemies, friends, interfering whenever you want, you were in control of your destiny at least 80% of it, you could fight in the crowd, backstage, outside, customize every detail, now we have the power to do so much more we have less, and less content each year… WWE 2k15 didn’t even have female create-a-character, you couldn’t add your own entrance music, nothing…

These games should model KI… they should be seasonal and purely downloadable updates… I have 2k15, then 2k16 comes out with nothing but slightly adjusted graphics, newer roster, and less than a handful of features of a difference, but to get new people or updates entrances etc. I have to buy an entire new game… makes no sense

Each year should be an ultimate update that includes all new content, and a superstar update that may only be update roster, they can do that for three year intervals, before completely revamping… all sports games should do this and model KI, that way the consumer has a choice of either just updating the roster or if they want the full package…

I find this to be a way better option than buying 2k15,16 & 17 or FIFA 16,17,18 just to get slightly enhanced graphics and few new features and yet the same old BS…

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That would be great to have just update packages, but all most all sports games are owned by EA. EA will never do that. They money they would lose would be to large. He’ll madden even sells a higher difficulty setting as a add on. The WWE will never do that either because they are some of the biggest money whores that I have ever seen. Each broadcast is either selling the next PPV, or the wrestlers trying to sell their tee shirts. I stopped watching it years ago because of this.