Ignore feature?

Is there an ignore user feature on this forum? I don’t think there is but I thought I would ask in case I missed anything.


PS no one in particular just curious if there was an option.

So who are we hating on? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry man I didn’t mean to annoy you :frowning:

LOL! No one (yet) but I just realized it when I was browsng other forums.

Dude your fine its at no one in particular I was just curious if we had one. I probably should mention that so brb. I’m going to edit my post.

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I’m choosing to believe you.

For now.


What you do is. You go to your profile. Click the preferences option for the tab that says “activity”. When you scroll to the bottom of the changes, you’ll see an option that says “muted”, type the persons name and enter it.

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Oh cool! See I learned something :smile:

Did a quick test.

So it basically just ignores a response by an individual(s). No the individual(s) themselves.

I did not know this. Thanks!

Oh okay.

Reviving zombie post. Is this possible now or no?