IGN Arbiter Showcase w/ Keits

Arbiter looks beastly. KI character design maybe the best around.


I’ve rarely seen something as cool, anyway (on par with Glacius imho).

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I see many common points between Arbiter and Aganos/Glacius

I like it!

I am so hyped for Arbiter! Can’t wait for the stream today!

He looks really solid so far but I’m willing to bet there is more to his Carbine and Plasma grenades than we know. The youtube comments are hilarious saying he looks broken, they obviously didn’t keep up with season 2 lol.

I just thought of something, does his overshield actlike regular armour, and if so will a heavy grounded normal ignore it?

No, his overshield allows him to ignore projectiles, and negates the damage.

With others attacks, it only negates the damage, but doesn’t work as armor.

For example, Aganos Ruin could lauch him against a wall, but the ruin itself won’t hurt him

I already see set ups…

Ground bounce finisher->nade->flip out-> command grab->nade booms mid air->recapture->new combo->repeat

Ok that’s what I kind of got but wasn’t sure. The setup potential looks so good. The grenade timer is a lot longer than I expected but it seems long enough for a launch into recapture.

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Why is Jago always a punching bag? Poor Jago :stuck_out_tongue:


Arbiter looks KILLER! All those potential setups :scream:

My only worry is that the carbine may become one of those situations where you save it for those “just in case moments” that never come.

I feel like activating instinct should give him a couple of bullets if the magazine isn’t full. Then again, season 3 isn’t even out yet, so I should probably hold judgement.

Sucks that he doesn’t have a good low, but besides that he looks AWESOME.

I fixed the Title, I didn’t realize I had that kind of Power.

#(Evil Laugh) :imp:

Because everyone is jealous. I’d be jealous too if I wasn’t the main character of the entire series. Even someone like Kim Wu who is destined to beat Gargos, still has to wait in line for Main Character XD


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Looks like IG is continuing their command grab trend. Kim has one, Tusk has one, Arbiter has one.

Because Jago is the only one who can take it. OOOOOOH LOL!


Tusk doesn’t have a command grab, that suplex was a normal grab.

And technically Kim Wu’s grab is an “alternate normal grab” since it can be teched.

Your response is so much better than mine.