IG, Please Try To Give All Characters Distinct Auto-Doubles Animations

There are some characters that have auto doubles that are very difficult to tell one strength from another.

Aria’s punches - you pretty much have to wait until the second hit to know what the strength is.

Hisako- what the heck is this mish mash of sweep-swiping nonsense?!?! As long as this character has been out I still pretty much have to guess break her 100% of the time. Plus her combos look super repetitive to watch. Linkers, doubles- what’s what?

And yes, season one had 1 offender. Glacius’ ranged doubles can be super tricky.

Please, try to do a consistent job of giving the characters distinct animations between the strengths.

Hisako isn’t bad. With practice, you will be able to break Hisako & Aria rapidly! :slight_smile:

Nooooo keep hisako a mystery i love building king combos

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Hisako’s Auto Double animations are fine. You can still tell what’s what if you pay attention.


LOL. Hisako opens me up = Guaranteed 40% plus.

I imagine prior to her release a conversation went like this:

Boss: Ok, we got a week until Hisako’s release, did you guys ever get back on track with her character model?
Underling: … We’ve got five animations.
Boss: 5 auto double animations? That’s good! Getting close.
Underling: No. Five TOTAL animations. And one of them is her taunt.
Boss: …:confused: Make it work.


I honestly think some people just build a mental block against learning Hisako’s double animations, once you do they are actually pretty easy to spot.

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How about you watch IG’s stream of the debut of Hisako to learn about her weaknesses. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktvDwTO2l7g

I watched it when it first aired. I’ve played against the character for the past year. Taken her into practice to see what they look like multiple times. The difference between medium and heavy is the angle at which she holds her weapon. You have to be an eagle eye or a hisako player yourself to see it.
I don’t come across too many hisakos so no, it’s still not second nature to me yet.

My issue isn’t just hisakos half baked animations. It’s the inconsistent auto double formula. People raised hell about TJ’s pre-nerf auto barrage because, though it wasn’t impossible to break, it was quite a bit harder than every other character’s auto doubles.

So why do some other characters get a free pass? Look at most of the other characters in the game. Their auto doubles have completely different animations for the strengths. But with a handful of characters, there are only SLIGHT differences in posture, or the first hit looks exactly the same or maybe the speed is a tiny bit different. It’s like the creativity was running dry on that character so we got the finished product and just have to ‘pay super close attention’ to tell heavies from mediums.

It’s like if they release Kim Wu and the only difference in strengths is what hand she swings her chucks with.

As a hisako player at level 50 id say she does need at least two openers lol

Id love to start a combo with her influence

Why do you have to wait until the second hit of Aria’s punches? The first hit of light is a slap to the face, first hit of medium is a stab to the throat, and first hit of heavy is an elbow to the face.


Hisako’s auto-doubles are pretty easy to recognize. The difference between her heavy and medium punches, is that the heavy is big sweeping slashing motions, and her medium is a poke motion.

The medium and heavy kicks are a little sketchy at first, but in time will be easy to distinguish.

I’ve grown accustomed to reading ADs, unike the OP, but I can see where he’s coming from because I used to be right where he is, particularly with Hisako. I still remember Thunder being a difficult 1 to learn as well since his medium and heavy kick ADs look very similar, but each 1 is a different leg (and the mediums are slightly faster too). Don’t worry OP, you’ll get used to it! Here’s what I did: I went into practice mode against the character I wanted to learn and controlled him/her via the record option to do short combos with each of their ADs. After playback, I would practice staring at it to ingrain it into my brain and learn the intricate differences of each, as well as the speed of the move. I then practiced countering it. So yes, it is possible - and this was BEFORE they added the combo-breaker training mode. That’s an even far better resource for you to use. :wink:

I found some apps on the Windows store that I think are quite helpful. You can use them on mobile or on the computer. They’re called (Character name) Trainer. Theres Fulgore, Sadira, Orchid, Saberwulf, Thunder, Jago and Glacius. Unfortunately no season 2 characters.

What they do is, the character opens you up and does a random strength auto double. You push up for heavy, left for medium and down for light, if you get it right it plays the Breaker animation. It keeps track of how many times youve played and how many times you managed to break. I feel it lets me recognize autodoubles and practice breaking quickly and easily.

Yes I agree, this has been brought up before. I think for the sake of visual quality, the auto doubles should be unique across the board. Notable characters are TJ and Maya.

Some auto-double reads absolutely kill me and Hisako is one of them. Hisako in general is hard to read.

I agree with you on Hisako…geeez …its ridiculous. Even when using her I cant tell where I am at in the combo! LOL
Glacius on the other hand…I believe if the Ground shatter move pull you towards Glacius, its Heavy, in place is Medium and away is light. Something to that degree…but i know they move you and that’s how you can tell.

For glacius light pulls you in, medium pushes you away and heavy stays in place.

There we go! Thank you! I know this helps me a lot for those of you that did not know this…use this tip!

I just tried it out to be sure, light pulls you in, medium stays in place, heavy pushes away my bad.

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The difference between hisako and pre nerf tj is that failing to notice the different animation doesn’t lead to half your life. Hisako is much weaker in raw damage than tj

I have two issues with your post:

  1. Hisako does do good damage. Not Sabrewulf or Thunder level, but she’s no weakling like Cinder or Shago either.

  2. Either way, you’re telling me that people wouldn’t have complained about auto barrage if the damage had just been nerfed? I’m not buying that.