Ig great job so far, but will there be head tracking in season 3?

we are so lucky to have the geniuses at iron galaxy developing ki, i appreciate them so much. but i found it odd that there is still no head tracking in ki. what do u guys think??


I think it’s kind of pointless since MS stopped supporting the Kinect and the PC version won’t have Kinect at all.

That’s not what he’s talking about. He’s referring to the heads of the characters in-game and how well they track the other character, like when your opponent jumps over yoiu.


I hope they figure out whatever it was that was breaking it and fix it. It’s such a small thing that really makes the game look so much better

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i feel head tracking is so important in a fighting game , it makes you feel even more connected to your character. i am literally praying that its part of season 3, because it would be a huge dissappointment if a fighting game came out in 2016 and didnt have it!! i really hope ig does something abt it

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I never even noticed it was gone lol seriously who cares?

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really?? you dont think a feature that ki had had at some point in season 1 and sf4 had back in 2008 isnt important ?? really?? common man… i am sure if the feature was turned on ,you would appreciate how important it is

Having played Season 1, I don’t miss it. It adds almost nothing, and caused too many problems with tall and short characters. It also caused clipping issues.

If IG finds it necessary, then cool.

i find it to be very necessary considering we are in 2016, and we all want the game stand the test of time. and it was promised that they would look into it for season 3

This is probably the LEAST important feature. I can probably think of 20 other things I’d rather have IG working on.

For me head traking is a very importan feature in a FG.

Honestly they should just re-enable it but have it off by default and an option to turn it on. So that those that like it and don’t mind the graphical bugs associated with it can have it. But I don’t want IG to waste dev time on it when they need other things like two gamertags playing each other at the same time.

i feel head tracking really increases the connection u have with your character, but without it atleast for me your connection isnt quite the same. when a person has a main its because that character more than any other speaks to that person , and thats even more the case when u see your character moving his head adjusting it based on the opponent. i feel ki is the best fighting game around it just lacks polish in some areas imo .so since it seams microsoft has decided to go big with ki in season 3, its a must have feature

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IG said they removed it in S2 “because it looked awkward”. Well, enable it, release a video of it in action against whatever character made it look awkward and let us be the judge. I guarantee that it’s less awkward than MK head tracking.

It really shouldn’t be that difficult

I don’t find it to be a critical feature. I heard Double Helix had visual issues with it. If IG could find time to tweak it and make it look right, why not, but I don’t see it happening.

Head tracking would be a nice touch but I don’t think they will do it. I would be shocked if that was even on their to-do list. I think things like this might be addressed in let’s say they make a KI 2 situation. Then I think they will take all the good and bring it over with things they wanted to do or were left out or had trouble implementing with the Hex-engine

the forums are for them to know hom we feel, i really hope head tracking is part of season 3. i would be very dissappointed if it doesnt make it in

Isn’t it a pretty simple feature to include?

Not at all, I think it would be a giant investment of time and money for a pretty small feature. I will admit it would be nice, but It would simply take too much time.

Its a feature that is already in the engine and wouldn’t be hard to turn on. It was in the game in S1.

That’s something people seem to forget. They turned it off. They wouldn’t have to write new code for it or whatever, they would simply have to turn it back on.

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