IG: Anything to reveal the 27th or 28th?

We’ve all “stayed tuned”. If I hear it again I’m gonna put my ultimate source fulgore in a blender and YouTube a link here for all to see.

Stay tuned…

…some people just wanna watch the world burn. lol

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The Lords of the Shadow shall rise up.

ya. that would make my Easter Sunday right there. someone should make a shadow jago Easter egg: I by that I mean someone with artistic abilities.

So when is the video going to be up? I wanna know how well fulgore blends.

There will be a launch trailer, if you count that as news. It should have some future details in it.

I know right! I should blend it just to pay my respects for season 2. Poor a beer in with that fulgore homie, and blend that b\t(h.

Stay tuned.

Please reply with video of said Fulgore in the blender please.

Seriously though, I think they stated in the stream before last we would get a stream on monday (maybe today?) Showing more stuff, what that consists of idk.

Are you really asking for an announce of an announce? This topic has absolutely no value.

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