If you want ultimates for ALL characters, say I

No one is flaming IG for giving the characters Ultimates.
They might yell out because they are displeased with how some of those Ultimates look like, but that doesn’t mean the people don’t want the Ultimates.

Think of it like this… Ultimates are chocolate.
People want the chocolate.
They might complain about the wrapping they’re in.
But they will still eat it.



Majority of comments on YT and FB is bitching over lack of gore and poor quality. Those are most mainstream media outlets so I’d say its not minority.

I’m not sure about Facebook, but I’ve been involved with the comments section for both Glacius and Hisako’s Ultimates, and so far it’s just like 3, maybe 4 guys running around sh*t posting on everyone’s comments.

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I personally love KI and prefer it to most other just for playability. Sure updates and stuff in the future but damn it’s great. O and AYE for the ultimates

I also don’t mind Ultimates even if some of them are kinda meh. I play KI for awesome roster, music, netcode and core gameplay and these things are unchanged.



…only wanted one for Cinder, but I guess everyone else should get one too.

I’ve really enjoyed the ultimates so far, many of them are bursting with personality and lend some flair to their respective characters.
I would absolutely love to see the rest of the cast get some.


The wise saying of “You can’t please everyone” will always apply.

Remember, these were not even planned to be apart of the game originally. (Might be paraphrasing)

People want more gore elements, well tough. They’re not coming, no matter how much they ask because through the many reasons previously stated, it will not happen. At least, in this game it will not.

People’s expectations will always be high, others might be elsewhere. I’m happy with what we have, and glad I’ve supported the game to this point to where we can talk about more characters getting this.


I’d like to give a response but the old way is cliche

So, I’ll let this MEME speak for me.

Unlike MK, KI was not remembered for blood and gore. Even the ultimates were still tamed in comparison to MK’s fatalities. That being said, I know i’m not the only one who wants ultimates and I’m among thosepeople that are trying to help.


What if :thinking:
It’s time for No Mercy for characters who lack finishers? Like Half of the cast got ultimates. The other half get no mercy instead of ultimate.
No Mercy Fierce Pack:

No Mercy Hero Pack
Kim Wu

No Mercy Bonus Boss Pack

Just make 'em trully violent without ambiguity. Like waterd down X-RAY moves without explicit bone cracking or I can’t believe Im going to say that . Like MK vs DC fatalities or hero brutality. Scorpion uses toasty there and it still rated T. Sounds fun. IG can always make it their very own finishers and ask for money on those I would pay 10 dollars each pack.

Yay, even MORE inconsistencies.

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No mercies would be a bad idea. They would break up the flow of the match and have everything slow to halt. If done like in KI1 the loser would have to sit there while the winner figures out which buttons to press, and if done like KI2 the end match would turn into a huge runaway game at the end of every match. Ultimates keep it all in combo and don’t disrupt the match flow. Let’s keep things there.


Don’t amplify the message of people you don’t agree with. The vast majority of people don’t leave a comment anywhere about anything. So even if the YT comments are mostly negative (which they aren’t if you count them and even less so if you count multiple comments from the same source as 1) that’s not a good way to gauge true majority opinions.


I disagree. If so it could be the same situation for the current finishers. Not exactly the same way as first games but if you know what you’re doing you do the no-mercy at pronto. You only have about 5 secs to perform the no mercy. In KI2 you can DEFEND the no mercy. It doesn’t even take 5 secs of the match. So you basically said the ultimate should be a single blow due the amount of time it takes? Sorry I strongly disagree. However, more ultimates or any kind of finisher just make them reasonable for its trigger. A mix of violence and action with an approach to mk vs dc level that’s how i believe it should be done. Unfortunately we may never see any other ultimate anytime soon. I know it’s never going to happen but if it does KI fatalities would be the best choice over KI2 would make it last a little bit. Keep in mind KI2 was a comeback try for the one who losing it.

I can’t really think of much reason to be against it, given the slight majority of the cast have them now already.

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Nope, didn’t say this at all.

I said if they go off of the previous methods of doing a no mercy move it would be detrimental to the flow of the gameplay, and that they should keep any finishers under the “Ultimate” method of being a special ender for a combo.

After all the only difference between an Ultimate and a No Mercy was one was done within a combo and the other was done outside a combo. In many cases the animation for the Ultimate and No Mercy was the exact same, such as Fulgore’s turret head in KI1.

As far as the content of the finishers…look to be honest siting MKvDC or whatever as a source of how to do finishers is kinda splitting hairs. They did the same off-camera finishers when they went too far with them. Joker’s bang gun comes to mind…the MKvDC version, not the MK9 one. I really don’t get the gist of what big difference you’re trying to get at. KI has just as much on screen action and off screen action. I mean I have no intention of going through a finisher-to-finisher comparison, but IMHO there’s not a lot of difference in terms of action and violence…well except KI’s Ultimates are presented better.

That could be pretty interesting, these characters could get a new form of no mercy in that they can be done under certain conditions akin to MKs brutalities. For example, Omen would be able to perform a no mercy on an opponent if he completes a certain amount of tasks like:

  1. Opponents health must be in danger.

  2. Final hit must come from demonic despair (or something else much easier to actually perform or no one would see it :joy:)

However If this were to be implemented it would come with its own fair share of problems like an inconsistency issue, how would it affect a character like T.J. or Aria in instinct, what would truly set these apart visually from ultimates, would they be same if so why do them or would they not change the camera angles and keep the same background and make these super moves.

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Yes! Give every character an Ultimate and a stage(Eagle, Rash, Mira, Raam).


I…guess so…