If you could be KI characters IRL, who, why, and what?

If you could be a character or characters in real life, who would it be, why, and what kind of stuff would you do?

I’d probably be Fulgore, so I can teleport to work. I walk to work because it’s close by, but it’s humid as hell where I live, someone else has the vehicle during my work hours , so it’s convenient.


I’d be Gargos, grabbing stuff through the Astral Plane. And messing with people, by tickling them from a distance.


Constantly laughing and creating chaos at everyone’s expense.

Or I could be Shadow Jago and destroy people for Gargos.

Or Eyedol.


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i would be Gargos. Why? Why not? He is a god. I would destroy everything…

I would be Kim-Wu, cause then I’d have a friggin’ dragon!!

But seriously…probably Tusk, guys immortal, got a big sword and a well trained body…girls would be all over me, lol…well, after a dentist appointment that is :sweat_smile: (Sorry, couldnt help myself)

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