If we had a choice, what would you prefer? (Revised)

  • 1 Ultimate per character (not just Shago, everyone gets 1)
  • Guest Characters
  • New Characters (like the great job IG did in Season 2’s new characters)

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Ultimates are another thing that people want JUST from nostalgia. They add nothing to the game, and i personally think they HURT the game by implying the death of a character, and by making it even more embarrassing when you loose to them.

IG’s original characters have been BEYOND AMAZING. I would love to see more.

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Ultimates don’t fit a T-rated game. Get over it.

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Level 4 enders. Forget everything else. Don’t care about faces, retros, music, stages, gargos, eyedol. Just leave the enders alone.

New and unique characters alll day.

I mean, I dont want Shadow xxxxxx. I prefer (just as example) having Horner, the minotaur, or Squallo, the man-shark(both of my invention), than Shadow Orchid

No more shadow characters please

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Oh, another thread with the same thing. XD

Well, like I said…
Couldn’t care less about guest character, but I’ve wanted Ultimates since day one. ^^

Well if I had to choose, I agree with the turn out. It seems that IG isn’t really listening to the fans. “The fan service”, as they call it is really mostly for themselves and a handful of people. They created such interesting new characters that fit in KI like Kan-Ra, Hisako, Aganos and Aria. They are so great and fit like a glove but went with not 1, not 2 but 3 guest characters for Season 3, 1 was bad enough. We all got short changed

You can also look at it this way: As the poll stands currently 91% of respondants don’t want guest characters. How is IG listening? They sure as hell aren’t listening now but when the decision wasn’t finalized they weren’t listening either. What’s the point of this forum if they will ultimately do as they feel?

Goes and watches Shadow Jago’s ultimate again


I’m sorry, what?


Good point

You gotta consider that most people who hang out in these forums are major KI enthusiasts and don’t really care as much for other franchises. Newcomers coming into this game from the Xbox community will be more happy about guest characters.

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I think that’s a little misleading to say 91% don’t approve of guest characters. The question was out of the 3 items which one would I prefer? If I had one choice, I’d choose new characters. If you gave me a second preference it would be guest characters over ultimates, not to say I don’t want them. I just want characters more than a feature I’ll probably only use only a few times against disrespectful players or when I’m going through single player.

Ultimates, No Mercies, Humiliations will require a ton more animation and time to do right. In the end IG and MSFT have to prioritize resources that could increase the player base and help the future of KI.


You do realize the old ultimates as people want them to be killed the opponent, and there were lots of blood involved?

  • it would be yet another way to extend matches. SF5 is awesome in that regard that there is no way to drag out the matches via fatalities or superlong ultras.

edit - Need my eyes checked he says. No need to keep talking to this boy anymore.

Are you telling me Shadow Jago’s ultimate doesn’t look brutal OR kill the opponent?

You need your eyes checked.

Also, excessive blood only adds cheesiness and nothing more.

New Characters >= Guest: I don’t care as long as IG come up with a new exciting gameplay style.
Ultimate: Being a fan since the original came out in the arcades and I still don’t miss it,

You are talking about resources here? Microsoft has resources and most of us have or are already paying for this game that costs more than a standard game copy you purchase at the store. Let’s not forget the community fund to make Shago a real boy, they didn’t really need the extra cash from us because they already have it and being backed by a mega corporation that at this point still isn’t sure to back this game?

You basically just repeated the same 2 things over and over again, but just worded differently.

Easily new characters. The folks over at IG absolutely have the potential to make some amazing new characters as they have proven already with all of the new faces in S2.

Also, who was it that created Sadira? I wasn’t around then and people say Double Helix was in charge or something then, so is that a character they created? She is another awesome new Ki character.

Original character first. Aganos, Hisako, Aria, even Omen are cool. That’s pure gameplay and the team prove us that they can do well with new design (and that’s an euphemism)

Then, guest. I don’t like too much guest in a game but same reason here, that’s pure gameplay so I would rather have that than cosmetics.

Speaking of cosmetics, I know it’s not in the poll but I would rather have stages than gimmicky finishers. Just so Gargos (speculation), Steevdira (https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CdtTpJwVAAQ7sGL.jpg) and the 2 other new characters could have their stages and their music. That may sounds stupid, especially since we’re talking about KI, but I don’t like the current option, I don’t really enjoy the mix Rap music with Hisako’s stage for example.