If Tusk "cant die" can you stage ultra him?

Does Aganos stage’s stage ultra hit Tusk and do nothing, or do we hear Tusk whisper “finally” as he turns to dust.

Another question too…

#But can he be grabbed?


What do you mean?

Joke from Season 2 around Aganos’s release, because he was so big.


Which also persisted with Cinder, because the dude’s on fire all the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

In any case, yeah, probably. I mean, at the very least, he’ll be knocked unconscious by getting crushed under a Banshee/Ghost, and there’s no getting around dissolving after being turned to stone.

Even though his body may be gone, the spirit of DAH will remain eternal.


Just because he’s turned to stone and disintegrates doesn’t mean he dies. We don’t know how his immortality functions, depending on what kind he has he could just wake up in the afterlife before being sent back to earth or he just regenerates from the dust. Or maybe he spends the rest of eternity in excruciating pain as dust specks.

Tusk can die. Yes he is immortal and it is stated everything dies but he doesn’t. I think that means in terms of live expectancy. Tusk will never grow old and die. He will not die from things like sickness etc. I am assuming he can die from unnatural physical injuries though he is not superman you can disintegrate him, blow him up, destroy/remove all vital organs and he will undoubtedly die. He just has never been defeated to that extent so he still lives.

TL;DR He is immortal not indestructible.


So like Zasalamel from soul caliber 3, where he just reincarnates into a newborn every time he dies?

You guys are looking into it way too deep.

Simplest way…Disintegrate him in Aganos’ stage then just hit rematch.

Problem solved :smiley:

Tusk got stomped on by Mammoths a gored by equally Terrifying Barbarians, mauled by Saber-Tooth Bear-Lions. Yet they all faced Death…Except Tusk.

I miss Zassy… He was awesome. One of the best scythe-wielders in fighting games, along with Testament. <3