If they make KI sequel

Bring Thunder Stage, there’s something special about the stage, the view, the height, the mountains, river, clouds, best stage.


Yeah, just improve it visually. The background looks flat and lighting makes it’s colors bland.

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It’s suppose to be flat… it takes place on a mountain top… in the desert

The background looks like a JPEG to be fair…

On topic though, yes please. It’s by far my favourite stage in KI. Tons of atmosphere, great colours, the rain. It’s perfect.

Yeah, I’ll be happy to never see it again to be honest. People pick it entirely too much. It was more tolerable before the lighting change, when the rain effects were actually very pretty. Just looks washed out and kinda bad now, which is unfortunate.

But even without the lighting change, people play on it too much. I’m ready to chuck deuces to it.

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I think it would be interesting to see if they can convert it back to the original super long rope bridge concept. Has weird (and mostly bad) implications for gameplay but as a stage it was visually… different.

I mean many KI stages’ furthest planes have this problem, they look like low res bitmaps.

I don’t know about that. They all look stunning to me. At what resolution are you playing the game at? I see everything at high detail. It’s ridiculous! That’s just me though. lol

*Ultimates for the other characters
*No Merys (Ultimate Combo) like Shadow Jago
As i remember in 2015 i saw that all characters had NM1,NM2,NM3,NM4,NM5, and NM6 for every characters??? (KI1, KI2)
*More Stage Ultras
*Stage Ultimates???
*Team Battle (KI2)
*Death Finishers (When you have to finish your opponent by Ultras, ULTIMATES, Stage Ultras…)
*Story Mode Season 3 and if Season 4K
*Season 4K or Killer Instinct Rebirth (New Characters, New Modes, More Ultras, more ULTIMATES, more Stages, KI and KI2 Rooftop stages (Stage Ultras like KI and KI2).
*KI and KI2 old Special Moves
*KI and KI2 Characters Ultras
*Orchid KI2 as another Character B.Orchid for KI4K
*ULTIMATES when Release early last year Feb.2017 i notice that the “ULTIMATES” from Ultra to Press LP+LK so do that means more ULTIMATES to press MP+MK or HP+HK???

Whats coming new for 2018?
This is what i am asking for that will makes the game more Extra fun because still to this day i play KI and KI2 for the Ultras Stage Ultras and Ultimates:)

I’d like to see:

  • More accessories and allow them to change colors

  • Ultimates for every character

  • UI readouts for every gimmick like Cinder’s Fired Up or Fuglore’s Spin Speed

  • Character specific training like Injustice 2 or SFIV’s challenge mode