If There is 1 Thing I'd rank higher on Poll it'd be ShadowLab

I love this mode now. I just didn’t mess with it very much. But right after I took the poll its basically been all I played. I’m not that good at the game and I love just practicing against a bunch of Shadows of the same character for practice. What do y’all think of this? I kind of prefer it over ranked now to be honest.

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I like it. Definitely has potential to be REALLY good. I mean, I don’t think I know a fighter who uses something like this.

My shadow lab is completely borked. So…

It’s a really good mode and great for practice, especially the times when you just don’t want to face off with real humans for one reason or another. It’s a lot better than fighting the cpu but can’t replace fighting real humans, but the closest thing that I have ever seen to it.

I would love shadows to get some more love and featured in another mode or something in the future.

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It was my favorite until S3 mine downloaded incorrectly and doesnt work properly. Me and 4 others on here have this bug. We cant save data so our shadows dont get better and we cant make new shadows either.

Its been 2 months now and no fix.

Wow that sux. I tried this mode when it first came out and basically never touched it again till now. Once I buy a second Shadow Slot are the Shadow Points just for a scoreboard or something?

The shadow points allow you to buy a 2nd slot, and also you have to use the points to “purchase” a match. If you play a low level shadow its 50 points, then it goes to 100, 250 , 500 and then 1,000. The more difficult the shadow the higher it costs to fight against them… but if you win you get more “money”…if you loose, well you loose that “money”.

If you have ZERO shadow points you cant not purchase a fight.

Survival is free, but you only get like 5 points per win or something.

If you want to fight Maximilian’s shadow, it costs like 200 points

What are the odds you think we will get more Shadow Slots? I’m really enjoying this more and more.

The “better” shadows can be misleading. Like that skitz jago…so easy despite having a huge amount of wins. His shadow 90% of the time does a dp after a blocked wind kick. It’s free damage and the amount of effort involved is next to none. Then you can just do one chance breaks and win easily.

Im not sure… Probably never because not many people enjoy it. Its always lowest on the polls and a lot of people dont like it say its a waste of development time ect… but they dont see the real beauty of it… the ones that do understand, like Infill and myself… we are hoping it will replace regular AI.

Its also perfect for those that dont like to play online, whether it be because they get nervous or dislike trolls…its perfect for train and not learning bad habits from the regular AI.

Just keep asking the Devs and spreading the word to players about Shadow lab… keep it alive and maybe they will take notice and add a slot or 2. I have asked several times back when we had the weekly Q&A with the Dev team. But now we dont have that anymore since Rukari took over.

Well besides that one… his was obviously a part of the bug that gave people 1 million shadow points or more. They tried to correct those last year and some still are on the boards.

Its definitely not perfect. I requested they fix them last year because my shadow at one time would have been #1 Omen but was too far behind 4 that have over 1 million points that were not legit. It was never fixed even though they said they were working on it.

But now my Omen cant even save data and hasn’t learned or gotten better since S3 dropped. James has tried several times to fix it… but its only been half corrected.
Hoping the next patch will finally fix it 100%

Ah yes, I have some issues where sometimes I don’t get the option to save shadow data despite using my sadira who has a shadow. But for the most part it works.