If the arbiter uses Guns would that effect the rating of the game?

Don’t get me wrong I want arbiter to only have covie tech too I’m just being technical also by the time of halo 5 most elites didn’t even trust humanity since they(oni) have been fueling the civil war between the swords and the storm elites.

Yeah, I haven’t gotten too familiar with Halo 5 & it’s lore. I played through the campaign once & haven’t done much with it since. Honestly the lack of local multiplayer has really killed it for me. My family had 2 Xbox 360’s (a family one & one for the kids) & I played Reach & 4 with my wife & older 2 kids & we had a blast, but even if we played Halo 5 running on 2 Xbox Ones (which we have), we can still only play it 2-player, unless of course we got 2 more Xbox Ones & 4 copies of each game we played, & that gets kinda ridiculous.

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I’m with you on that hopefully they’ll learn from their mistakes in the next one. The whole split-screen thing really pissed a lot of people off.

Halo is T rated. You do realize that every UNSC weapon fires bullets?

No really since, Arbiter is using a laser weapon, not bullets (which are kinda dull)

These are bullet sure but they are kinda cartoony in a since anyway. Sad to say that MVC3 is not very great with balancing gun using characters so much, but at leas the bullets are freaking huge and easy to see.

As for this thread OP, you’re attempting to try and get KI bumped to an M rating. While I’ve been very tolerant of this for awhile it’s getting really old.

OP incase you did not know, THIS is a Carbine, and it shoots radioactive ammo, not bullets : >

Or in short terms: QFT!

Not only that but no playable elites. When it comes to Forge; MAJOR improvement. But in everything else, kinda meh sorta…

Well not all, just the Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Pistols, SMGS and the infamous (and boring in my opinion) DMR/BR.

But some of the other weapons (and the more fun UNSC Weapons) like the Rail-Gun, Rocket-Launcher, Spartan Laser, the Flamethrower etc. All shoot different types of ammo.

The Covenant as everyone probably already can guess fire plasma and some shoot radiation like the Fuel-Rod and the Carbine.

personally I always prefered the covie weapons. Except for the AR which I learned to appreciate and some of the explosive weapons, I generally dislike the UNSC weapons.

Needler Confirmed. LOL!