If the arbiter uses Guns would that effect the rating of the game?

Just saying I don’t even know if arbiter is the Guest character, I haven’t been paying too much attention to it but when you add Guns to a game generally the rating goes up to an Mature rating.

Halo 5 is T rated.


Oh I forgot I don’t play halo too much anymore. Regardless though if the arbiter is shooting a gun that uses bullets not like a plasma gun or something and killing people including women would that be Problematic

Persona 4 Ultimax has guns as well

again, halo 5 is t rated,


I see where your unsubtle thread is attempting to go, and we really don’t need to have this discussion for the millionth time.


Because a character from an M rated game series has never used real guns on a woman in a T rated fighting game before…


Just saying guns that shoot actual bullets is problematic for a T rated game…especially when you are killing females with firearms.

I’m all for guns, but its kinda hypocritical when there is blood and guns…

I have been a pro M rated KI since I started on here, so now that they add gun violence seems odd.

[citation needed]


?? What u mean? If the aribitor has a gun and shoots women…that would be kinda contriversial… IDK all the details, just wondering.


I’m pretty sure that feminists would tend to prefer that women be among the mooks being gunned down in shooters, by-the-by.

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Alien with a laser rifle shooting a woman is controversial but if Joanna were to be in the game she’d be shooting people nobody would care…seems legit

I guess what ur saying is that they would cancel each other out…


In Halo lore Elites typically used Covenant energy weapons, & the ones that used UNSC weapons were labeled Heretics (using Reach’s firefight mode for most of my source here), & my guess is if they keep Arby within his character any weapons he uses will be a Covenant carbine, plasma rifle, maybe a beam rifle…maybe a fuel rod cannon as a shadow move or instinct??..so the idea of him using a battle rifle or assault rifle to shoot metal slugs into his opponents would be a bit far fetched, it would go against his code of honor.

It wasn’t really his code of honor it was a covenant rule that prohibited all covenant species from using the weapons of heretics(humans) after the elites separated from them and allied with humanity it was all fair game.

this is totally UNSC

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Seems legit lol.

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Maybe so, but in Halo 5 I don’t recall Arbiter’s followers using UNSC gear…plus in the teaser he was obviously rocking the carbine.

Also pre-Halo 3 Sangheli code of honor & covenant rule were pretty much the same thing. I know that’s about half of Halo’s over overall story (1,2,Reach, & Wars), but energy weapons are still what people think about when you think about elite weaponry.