If Microsoft makes KI available on the PS4, who does the Sales money go to?

Ok before u crucify me, hear me out for a minute. If the world is ever sweet and everyone becomes brothers and KI suddenly becomes inclusive and available for sale on PS4 and Nintendo , When each copy of KI is sold who exactly will the KI money go to? isnt it Microsoft? Why cant everyone just be happy and why cant everything in life be beautiful. ? WHy cant everyone just get along?

if we have our full support KI for PC, how about we go all the way and make it available on the PS4 and Nintendo Wiiu or NX as well.

What do yall honestly think?

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I dont see the point. Its a unlikely scenario, and Ms doesnt get anything for it. If this happens, then Uncharted or Sfv should take the same route.

If all games are avaible in all consoles… why would be more than one?

Sony would get a cut.

My opinion, I don’t want to see KI made available anywhere but Xbox and PC.

There aren’t really any exclusives that are on PS4 which interest me, and my wife has a Wii U for the Nintendo stuff; we aren’t talking a third party title which can go cross-platform later on (like Bioshock, the Souls series, the Dead Rising series, etc) because KI is a Microsoft IP now. Nintendo and Sony both have their own exclusive fighter, and KI ought to stay the same way for Microsoft.

Sony isn’t likely to suddenly make Uncharted or Ratchet & Clank available to Nintendo or MS, you’ll never see Mario running around on a non-Nintendo system, and Master Chief and the Gears aren’t going to make an appearance in Killzone 54 or the next Smash Bros. It’s the way things are.

Now, it would be nice to have a single console which ran all of the games, rather than three competing ones, but until the three big companies are all owned by the same person/company/group, it will never happen. I’m sure attempting to work out a scenario in which Donkey Kong, Crash Bandicoot and Arbiter could star in a cross platform game would involve tons of lawyers arguing endlessly about profits, cuts, and incentives.


Bloodborne was great (PS4 exclusive). SF V so far is ok.

Nothing else yet to own a ps4 for.

Oh, Resogun is very good as well.

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That is as likely to happen as Uncharted and Mario coming to Xbox.

The money does go to Microsoft. But the entire point of exclusives is to drive people to your ecosystem. That’s arguably more important than the money you make on selling the game. Remember that it isn’t coming to PC, it’s coming to the Windows 10 Store on PC. That is a crucial point not to be forgotten. It’s not just “coming to pc” as some new attempt at being open and giving.

Being competitive betweeen them its good for us, because they care about taking advantage against each other.

I dont own a Ps4, but I want it being a good console, because that forces Ms to go further.

It depends on the deal made. KI’s IP is owned by Microsoft. They own all rights to it as they purchased all the licenses and all that for it from Rare.

If Microsoft and Sony were acting like loving brothers as your question suggest they could make a deal that possibly goes like this.

KI S1-3 bundle for $100 for example.

Microst gets 50% which is 50$ per sale because it is their intellectual property. They own all rights at the end of the day so they make the rules so they get the most out of the cut.

Iron Galaxy gets 30% which is $30 per sale as the developers.

Sony would get 20% for hosting it on their consoles and generating sales there which is 20$ per sale.

This is a rough explaination how it works now you take into account the game if it is physic being wholesale or not to retailers who sell it they can get anymore from 1$-10$ of sales because they buy in bundles and a bunch of other factors.

Essentially there is no actual number it all depends on the deal that is made but Microsoft for sure would always get the most out of it because it is their owned IP whether it allow it to be multiplat or not.

Personally, I believe already but I hope KI never goes to PS4. Xbox needs games to attract people and the only reason I went from PS to XB was Gears of War and Halo and now with KI Microsoft has a guaranteed customer in me.

I am sure they could do a deal where MS always gets a cut regardless but I don’t see this ever happening. I really wish it would though, it would have been a lot cheaper for me. If KI became not exclusive I wouldn’t have to buy 2 next gen consoles next time around lol I could just get a PS5 and be done with it.

Here’s the breakdown for a retail game…


Since KI is a digital title the breakdown would be very different as you can cut out the “Retailer Margin”, “Returns”, and “Distribution” pieces of the pie. Of course those expenses would be replaced by something different like bandwidth costs and such, but the “Publisher” cut would be much higher, and possibly the platform royalty too.

So all in all, Sony would get a cut of MS’s profit on KI, not to mention that MS would be loosing an “exclusive”.

One other thing that I think is probably most important, is the fact that if MS were to green light KI for PS4 and WiiU, that would mean they would need to create 2 more versions of the game, not to mention that that fact would segregate the community into 2 other parts. With MS’s recent announcement that they would like to combine the online multiplayer communities of certain games, them not segregating the KI community with a move like this would be less of a factor, but still would require a larger upfront investment for development.

At this point I think MS is taking KI step by step, ramping up dev costs as the need arises. They just upped the ante with the PC version, so them doing that again (in a perfect world) would only happen if the projections for KI to make the right returns was there. Even then though, probably more so at least IMO, MS’s incentive to publish KI on competing platforms really wouldn’t be there, as if the game was making money hand over fist then they would want to keep that “lightning in a bottle” to themselves.

As @Thrustbucket already said, the point of an exclusive is to drive people into your ecosystem. If KI were to publish KI, or any other of thier exclusives, outside of said ecosystem, they would be weakening their stable of games. (Minecraft not with standing.)

What I meant was that a single “Megaconsole” would mean that you no longer needed to worry about exclusives, having a different console than your friends, etc.

Obviously having multiple consoles keeps the prices competitive and drives console sales with new releases and such, but there would be upsides to having everything in a single place, too.

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True but at this point, everyone that probably wanted to play KI for xbox probably already bought the console.

Now they’re using the IP to drive people to the windows 10 store.

After that initial phase is over, why not bring it to the competitors platform. Growing the community and competitive scene would do wonders. More sales = more development money to implement new features and characters.

It’s probably never going to happen but who knows. They did bring Minecraft to wii u.

The reason Minecraft (MC) is on everything is because that was what MC was doing before MS bought them. If MS had “scaled back” MC after its acquisition, MC would have suffered. I’m sure that was part of their calculus.

But yeah, in a perfect world everyone would put all there stuff on everything (a “one-console” future, yay!). But the overall answer to your argument can be answered perfectly just by looking at the PS3. Why when the PS3 was getting trounced by the 360 last gen, they didn’t just put all their exclusives on the 360 and PC to up sales? The reason they didn’t, and never would, is they would have hurt the overall Sony PlayStation brand if they had done that going forward.

Look at Nintendo, even though they have been in 3rd place software sales wise for 3+ generations, they keep their titles to themselves because that is all they have in order to keep there platform going. Once you give up your library, what reason would there be for anyone to buy into your platform? Just look at Sega…(I realize Sega first got out of the hardware business, then became a 3rd party publisher, but I hope you see my point.)

Keep in mind too, that… [quote=“Quickt1m3, post:12, topic:6566”]
Growing the community and competitive scene…
[/quote]…is not in the calculus for creating a game, at least not to the detriment of the overall brand. Sure they want to the community to be as big a possible, but only within the MS ecosystem, as to strengthen that ecosystem. Publishing games within the Sony PlayStation ecosystem only serves to strength their platform, to the potential detriment of MS’s platform.

It would probably work the same way any other multiplatform game sale works.

If only all platforms worked together to give gamers more games and opportunities to relish in those games that are branded by MS, Sony, Wii, etc. Just imagine the possibilities and the amount of fun their could be, alas - this is but a dream.

Plus competition helps corporations try their hardest to get something better or be on top of their competitor. If it wasn’t for that, it would most likely just be a ton of games being thrown out there with no consequence.

Apparently the standard vendor cut for digital games is 30+%. So Sony would get paid, yes. Maybe they’d do a special deal of sorts since a console vendor putting their games on their competitors’ storefronts is virtually unprecedented, but it’s murky business waters for a move which is expensive and damaging enough to the Xbox brand as is.

This is also probably one of the big reasons why KI isn’t showing up on Steam anytime soon. Say what you want about the implications of UWP or the quality of the Win10 store as things stand currently, you’d expect Microsoft to be able to distribute games on their own goddamn operating system without giving some other company a third of the sales revenue.