If it's possible I would love to see a kan ra that uses his 2 daggers as a bonus character

Call it a boss version of kana ran or whatever, but I would love to see a version of him with his daggers & a new move set.
What do you guys think?

I don’t think Kan-Ra is ever supposed to have fought with those daggers, they just belonged to him as treasures.

If anything, a “Savage Maya” makes more sense with the whole imbued evil daggers, murdered friends and vampire sister thing making her go all Orochi Leona.

Makes more sense than a “Shadow Orchid” anyway…

are we even getting a bonus character this season?

I am not sure

Who knows? Maybe we could get one way down the line. I’d think we would get a bonus character before we get a season 4.

we where told that there would only be 8 characters in Season 3, meaning there will not be a bonus character. I don’t believe the devs are trolling us so why don’t we all just take their word for it.

Not to say I was disappointed with the retro costume for Kan Ra but I was hoping to see him in his human form for his retro. And instead of using wraps he would use chains for all of his moves.

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lol good imagination friend, but who play kan ra now???
has u only meets a kanra on ranked since S3 ? im looking toward, but most players just dropped him :cry:

I’d rather see Tusk with nunchuks. Can you imagine him twirl?

I’m still trying to represent my boy Kan Ra in ranked. But it’s much more difficult than it was before.

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i know what it feel like . courage mate