If IG said "No more KI", how would you react?

After having seen Team Ninja’s announcement about them putting the Dead of Alive franchise on the shelf, and then seeing the community’s reaction to the announcement, I couldn’t help but wonder how this community would respond to Iron Galaxy doing the same with Killer Instinct.

If IG came out and said “Hey guys, thanks for all your support, but now it is time to put KI behind us and move on to other projects”, how would you react?

“So be it”

I’m happy with where it is now. We got the entirety of the Ki cast back plus great new additions.

Although I’d like to see what happen after the comics…

I dunno who has final say when KI goes on the shelf. MS or IG or whoever?

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You mean to say IG hasn’t already moved on to new projects?
I mean, they didn’t even do the 4K XB1 conversion IIRC.

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I mean to say if they actually announced it.

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Likely the people that have been claiming the game is dead will get a big ego boost and run around for a short while claiming they called it long in advance, and everyone else will just keep fighting on.
…or in other words, not much would change from how things are right now.


But how would you react?

I don’t care about those idiots. But I care about you guys, and it’s your reactions I’m interested in, because you guys actually care about the game.


Although I’d be slightly disappointed to know that such a great game won’t get any support, I wouldn’t be so worried about the game dying anytime soon. There are many dedicated players who just love this game and will play it till they can’t.

I for sure, won’t change my outlook on the game, and i won’t let anyone’s opnion sway my thought about this game. Basically, as long as there is one person that’ll play with me I’ll play. After that I’ll probably play shadow Lords for once.


I’d throw a tantrum, roast MS/IG in 10:01 minutes long YT video, scrath Keits car, write “you killed KI” on Microsoft building with my ■■■■, marry Vlad Kravich and start Kickstarter for our new KI sequel where Heartos and GreenIs would be main bosses.


It would be ok, we have a great game to enjoy every time we want. But it is not up to IG to stop KI development but rather to MI. Also IG has already started developing a new game, so KI is not their main focus anymore…


I’d continue doing all the things I’m doing now with regard to the game. I already pretty much assume that we’re done with support for this version of KI. I play it and stream it and try and get others to play it because I genuinely enjoy it and think it’s a fantastic product - whether it sees any new updates or not doesn’t change any of that.


Honestly with all the crap that went on, I’d move on and create things inspired by the characters in KI.

My time already ran out of keeping tabs on the haters. No need for me to care about comments from them since it’s their fault.

Games come and go. Things change. Why not expand the franchise like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Tekken?

I’d keep on playing KI until either a sequel came out or I get bored with it.

I know I didn’t specifically say that’s what my reaction would be in the last 2 posts, but yeah, That’s how I would react.


I wil be sad for sure big deception, But i just hope to win Euromillion before it happen lol :sweat_smile:
with my monney i would buy the franchise and with a team of developper we wil go farther in devellopements in this game.
After that imma try to bring back all S2 Big players in a evenement tourney.
i really miss S2 players # UAMYGOD :sob::sob::sob: thid guy would stay in my mind like many others , they gives me the need to play this game and evolve


You know, you keep saying that, but from what I can tell from passively observing them you keep getting drawn back in enough that they’ve had a fairly steady stream of new material to make more rant videos and keep the “KI Cult” in the forefront of their mind.
My recommendation is if you really honestly want the drama to stop, don’t keep engaging, or even announcing that you’re done with them. Don’t do anything, no fanfare, no dramatic announcements, just quietly walk away and move on.

…sorry for going off-topic, just wanted to say my peace.


It’s the only the logical choice of course lol.

I thought I was the only one missing him! He is the Wulf I’ve always enjoyed watching the most! I really dig his fighting style.
A very complete Wulf and a high competitive one.

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I would be ok with it.

KI started an uphill battle from the very beginning and it never reached the same level of success that the originals did, even though it was much better. I think many people at this point understand that KI is a good fighting game with amazing net code, focus on balance and quick inputs. They don’t just blatantly hate on it because of some stupid, unfounded reason. We have now what I’d consider a “complete” game. Big roster, lots of stages, modes and customization.

What I’d love to see at this point is a fully fleshed-out AAA KI sequel (now that it’s been re-established as a fighting game IP). It could be 3 years down the road but I think it would be greatly beneficial to Microsoft to actually develop a new full game (not the seasonal approach again) and immediately have it available for Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam.


I would continue playing it


Yeah, I’d continue supporting it. It’s a great game that people need to play.


I’m about the same as most are, nothing will change for me. 3 seasons of extra content has been pretty satisfying for a fighting game. I’ll keep playing as long as I see fit.

And for those trollish dumbsticks who’re still being a bunch of selfish whiny pricks that they really are, ■■■■■ them. IG’s involvement has been very helpful for this incarnation. I don’t care who’s gonna be involved for KI’s future. As long the content continues to be fun, no argument from me.