If anyone's into MMD

I found this lol


Interesting… I can’t decide if I like it or not. The animation is good overall, albeit a bit robotic - there’s also too much “jiggle” in the middle and not enough emotion in the face, IMO.

I came across this while searching hopelessly for anything animated with KI models in it. Well… this is all I got so far :neutral_face:

It’s a good find, IMO. :slight_smile:

Pretty dang good considering the lack of assets. Some slight polish in the animation would make this one perfect!

… What’s MMD?

Miku Miku Dance. Also those hair physics, I want them!

I think it’s pretty good. Obviously there’s a problem with their bouncy chest physics since it makes it look like she’s wearing water ballon armor, but otherwise it’s pretty good.

I’m tired of some people’s obsession to see ■■■■■ bouncing like jelly balls and how particulary ridiculous it looks in that “armour” when trying to achieve that. Apart from that Maya is cool.

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Nice find!