Ideas on how to improve the tools that have little to no use

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I think she’s fine the way she is. Every character has that one or two normal that isn’t used much. Like what’s the use for wulfs jumping LP or LK or MK? Pretty much nothing

I already said a good use for her shadow widows bite which was hit confirming her Light kunai which works very well

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I agree, don’t think she really needs anything, she is a very strong character.

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True, I could mess around with some set ups I could get off of that too.

My main gripe though is the damage scaling when used in a juggle combo. Even if you throw and go straight into shadow widows bite, it does so little damage, but if you use it in a grounded combo it’s her most damaging linker. Doesn’t feel right IMO.

Have you ever actually tried to win at high level with sadira? It’s way harder than you think.

Just means that whoever is playing with her is not as skilled as their opponent. Doesn’t change the fact that Sadira is a low(er) skill level required win. There’s a reason that when I body somebody two rounds in a row and they go to the select screen I know they are picking Sadira, Shadow Jago or Rash. And I body them again, but it’s much harder than the previous match up.

Cleaned up in here. Keep it civil in threads, take personal arguments to PMs.

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I agree with those 3 choices seem… ehh… easier to pull of shenanigans. But it still takes some skill… you cant win them all. But Im with you, I hate fighting Saidra and Rash. Shago is tough but It doesnt bother me too much.

So about the OP…Saidras air normal’s and combos strength wise are fine the way they are…she hits pretty hard on the ground and reaches level 4 very fast.
Like Keits has said before… when making suggestions on changes…instead of just creating changes, first look at what caused you to create this idea and see if there is another issue at hand and how do these changes effect the entire balance of the game instead of just what you need to make wins easier for you.

Well. This escalated quickly :sweat_smile: I say take all forum arguments into FT10’s and be done with them. :thumbsup:

I’d say that I don’t really think Sadira needs anything new though. I do think it’s a little weird that shadow widow’s bite scales so heavily in the air, but tool-wise I think she’s very solid as is. It’s not really uncommon for characters to have under-used buttons, and Sadie’s a strong enough mixup/vortex character that I don’t know that she needs any flipout buttons for additional mixup opportunities.

Lets ignore the damage for a second and lets pay attention to the fact that you can technically zone safely against rushdown characters and hitconfirm into a full combo while you’re at it. It has already been stated before S3 was released that Juggles will scale hard.

The character that has like 3 out of like 20 people who main the character doing well in tournaments requiring lower skill level to win doesn’t make sense. At high level, Sadira can’t even jump, and her air mobility is her best trait. So in pretty much every matchup Sadira is playing handicapped. How is playing handicapped and having no wakeup with or without meter in pretty much every matchup = Low skill level required?

I feel like these days I’m the only Sadira player that claims that she doesn’t need anything.

Lemme run through all her attacks:

LP- Fantastic poke, good frames, great in pressure. Also good for juggles

Cr. LP - good frames, good for poking through strings because of her lowered hurt box and lower hit box.

LK- same as LP, slightly different hit box/ hurt box properties. Good for buffering special moves due to its longer recovery.

Cr. LK - great low, great in frame traps, easy to hit confirm from.

MP - great poke, good counter hit frames, plus on block, chain able into HK. Good in juggles

Cr. MP - good punish button

MK - great poke, only -2 on block

Cr. MK - great poke, hits low

HP - great poke, only -2 on block

Close HP - 0 on block, weird but semi-useful anti air, great in juggles

Cr. HP - good anti air, good poke.

HK - great poke, should be canceled into L recluse.

Close HK - Good in juggles

Forwards HK - great anti air, leads into a juggle


Light - great in neutral, safe on block, good in juggles

Medium - Great to hit confirm from, easy manuals

Heavy- upper body invincible, good anti air

EX - damage ender, can juggle after hit, upper body invincible, good anti air

Blade Demon: all low invincible

Light: safe on block, used when close to opponent and nor guaranteed (guessing your opponent will be hit)

Medium/heavy: good for punishing attacks at longer distances

Ex: projectile invincible

Widows Bite

Light - good for juggles, great in neutral, some mixup potential

Medium - Good for juggles, great mixup potential

Heavy - great in neutral, good for punishing, leads to full combo on hit of grounded opponent.

Jump LP: can be chained into any medium, good in juggles, good air to air

Jump MP: good in juggles, good as jump in

Jump HP: great in neutral and as a jump in

Jump LK: Can cross up some opponents in some situations

Jump MK - great jump in, hits twice, hit confirmable, good in juggles

Jump HK - crosses up, good in neutral

Down HK in air: great mixup potential

Down MK in air: great for punishing, leaving the air quickly, good mixup potential

Web cling:

Light/medium/heavy: Great mixup potential/ situational run away

Ex: invincible on start up

If you think an attack is useless. Look above. Nothing is blank. Honestly the most worthless attack is Cr. MP, but even that’s useful sometimes


In truth there are a few things that could be improved upon, but Sadira doesn’t need anything drastic.

I still would like Shadow Web Cling to pull Sadira to a wall on either side, versus creating a wall. Earlier this week, I used Shadow Web Cling to dodge a Sabrewulf’s Shadow Eclipse, only to have the wall created right next to him, and thus got hit. If it actually took her to the far left or far right of the screen, it would be a bit more useful than it is.

Also, I would like her Web to activate a few frames sooner with a slightly larger hitbox. I still have characters literally walk through it and pummel me and THEN get hit. We’ve seen several videos of this, where characters are using non-projectile invulnerable attacks and the web simply doesn’t open.

I also have issues when fighting Hisako and Kim Wu when using Tiger Knee MP Web into cross up attack. With most other characters I hit them with the second hit in manual timing, however Hisako and Kim Wu (maybe their size), both can counter even after a positive hit with the web. I would suggest just one or two more frames of hitstun on a successful Widow’s Bite strike to rectify this.

That’s really all I think she needs. Minor fixes and tweaks. Everything else is perfectly fine.

Sadira is and has been really, really good. People complain all the time when they haven’t put in the time or don’t use all the character’s tools.

Completely true! It’s amazing to me when I think I’ve learned everything I can with her, and then boom I discover tons of new tech to use. Just today (I still need to perfect it though), I pulled off a Throw > Tiger Knee M Widow’s bite > Fang > Tiger knee M Widow’s Bite > Shadow Recluse > HP Widow’s Bite. It was really cool… Tried it again the next round and the guy lagged out. :confused:

Every time I see a “Sadira sucks” thread or “Takes no skill” I think that the people played with her for two seconds and lost to Acid Glow or Koalski and thus this character has to be terrible. She’s not. Just her Instinct Tech alone can take days, weeks, months, to get down. That’s not counting all of her manuals either.

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