Ideas for ultimate moves

I dont perticularly want them to be in game, I wanted just have a loosely brainstorming what Ultimates would look like for particular character. What are your visions of them?

Cinder - according to his story, he wears a suit to contain his nuclear energy. He could for instance take off his helmet and explode with supernova of energy.

Jago - a phantom of Tiger (similar to what we see when activating his Instinct) would appear, and attack opponent with claws and bites, Jago meditating like a boss.

Aganos - he could bury opponent in rubble, and then brutally pull him out.

Sabrewulf - similar to Jago`s phantom Tiger but more violently.

Kim Wu - her dragons could wrap around opponent and bite him, similar how Shao Kahn in MK9 story mode died.

TJ Combo - a series of not sportsman blows (step on opponent toes, blow below waist, headbutt, ear bite ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) etc.)

Glacius - freezing opponent to block of ice and smash it OR calling another glacius for some Noob Saibot action.

Tusk - honestly IDK, running opponent over with his snowmobile? lol

Kan Ra - some kind of choking opponent with bandages, or mummifying opponent.

Thats some ideas that came to my mind just now, I hope you`ll share some of yours too.

why wouldn’t you want them in the game? Anyways. Anyone else here, do animations. We could work on an Ultimate, together and making something?couple of my animation samples.