Ideas for some changes to help Aganos be more easier to use

Hey folks, first time on the new forums.

I’m a very above average Aganos player and I love the character. He fits the play style very well and I do believe he can withstand his own to most of the cast. At higher levels of play though, Aganos does struggle. There are two things I would like to suggest and have your folks’ opinion on and see if this would help people want to play with Aganos more.

~Wall Crash Effect Change~
Right now , wall crash’s effect only works when one of Agnes’s walls are up. This is his best Ender for damage purposes, but requires a wall. I was thinking this effect could be used on the normal stage walls as well. This would give Aganos and extra way to gain extra damage if he has no walls or chunks to make walls. I’ve tested it out and Ruin does not always launch a character full screen even from the middle of the stage. Since Aganos has no true “Damage Ender”, this would just give him an extra way to tap on more damage. With this, I would expect a small decrease in damage form each wall hit as well as the Ender version of Pulverize, which by itself does the most damage of the enders.

Right now when a wall is up, it has 3 hit points and takes a hit point when wall bounced on, hit with peacemaker club, or Aganos is placed in Knockdown. Instead, give the wall 6 hit points. It takes 1 hit when Aganos is placed in soft knockdown, and 2 in hard or ender knockdown or when hitting with Peacemaker. This helps so opponents who guess break like crazy will not destroy walls so easily or if flailing around with aerial moves. This would still make throws, sweeps and other hard knockdown moves powerful against aganos, but keep the foes who spam breakers from taking walls down quickly.

Another note specifically with Peacetime Instinct, the club is suppose to allow to break threw normal throws since its labeled as a special throw. If an opponent is grabbing Aganos during instinct activation, Aganos should be able to throw his opponent. Most of the time, this will just cause throw breaks, whether or not that is a bug not sure, but it should be something that should be fixed.

Also with the club, backthorqws should also hit the opponent far. If no walls are up, i find Peacemaker to be useful to get some chunks back into aganos. Back throw does not always work since it puts the opponent at the same distance up close on the opposite side unlike the normal throw, which gives enough space and time for Aganos to chunk once after. It also give aganos a chance to wall crash more

That is all I have to say about Aganos changes, otherwise, he should remain the same. He is a great character, I just wish he could be easier for players to pick up. these changes were based on the fact when I see agonies players, they are too scared to place walls up or use chunks in general because how quickly they can miss their purpose. I still find myself having issues getting damage early or late in matches without walls because I’m using chunks to armor, but also raging when I have walls up, get my opponent into several varying combos, and managed to get broken randomly or counter breaker miss.

Let me know what you folks think

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Aganos has very specific problems:

Without chunks, probably the worst wakeup game of all. Empty jump and fake-trows are a nightmare for a cornered Aganos. I was thinking about making shadow Pulverize a move with infinite armor(just like shadow Ruin). Sometimes Aganos get’s out the shadow Pulverize even before freezing the screen. This whould make shadow pulverize his reversal of choice, giving him a chance to hit airborne enemies when cornered. Natural disaster with infinite armor whould be more unfair.

Also I think Aganos needs a fastest animation to chunk up. Not half of the current time, but maybe 3/4 of the current total.

Finally, maybe he could use a damage buff in his auto doubles/manuals. For the biggest character of the game, a 31% during a lockout seems a bit poor to me. Maybe a HK double, light Natural Disaster, HK double, light Natural Disaster, Pulverize ender combo should do a 35-38% instead a 31%

I love Aganos, and I think he is viable against many characters, but his struggles are deeper than most of the rest.

Also, the fact that he “stops” himself during M and H auto doubles makes him more easily breakeble. I whould do a fluent animation of the hit, at more slow motion, but never “stop” in a frame his animation. Like his L auto doubles

I wonder if for season 3 they would have the time to work on an expanding the tutorial section. As of right now its just Jago that helps you learn the game but at the same time, you learn Jago and that is clear with the amount of players that can utilize him even if they dont main him. It would be nice to see that expanded but am not sure how much work that would entail and if they have the resources to do that.

Adding the combo breaking training was a step in the right direction for sure! But at the end of the day, your average player that would pick up the game and go through the training with Jago, well that player would most definitely have a hard time with Aganos as he is a different archetype. I was thinking if there were more clone type characters, then they could possible split up training for said style but there are so many unique characters in the game, that at this time I do not think it is possible.

Looking at it from the point of view of someone who is just picking up KI almost blindly; i.e. doesn’t watch the official/community streams, follow the forums, twitter, fb, youtube etc etc, then it can be very difficult to figure out how to utilize a character.

The info to learn is out there on the internet, but it would be nice to also have some basics to go off of per character.

Just my 2 cents.


Except for the infinite armor idea I definatelt agree shadow pulverize start should activate quicker to be a better reversal

I like the auto double fixing too along with the animation maybe make each hit of the 2 hits more identifiable as well

I’m glad someone agrees about the damage although not much adjustment, linkers and doubles I feel should be increased damage wise. If this is the case though, we’d need to scratch my original damage idea with the wall crash ender. I still feel that is a great idea thougj

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Seriously, I would put @Infilament guide in the game. In the menu where you go to Dojo and training, I would add “Community guides”, and then put there a link to the guide, maybe some Youtube links to tutorials, giving the community a contest to make better videos and change it monthly.

Also, a link to the guide. Best fighting game guide I’ve seen ever

Infil’s Killer Instinct Guide

Yesterday I played some matches, and I was able to stay with 3-4 chunks almost all the time, and I was thinking, wouldn’t be cool if your pokes were more damaging when you have more chunks? You are heavier, so you are slower, so it seems logic that your hits are heavier and hurts more, don’t you think?

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I really enjoy Aganos a lot. I think overall he’s really solid now and makes you really work to get wins. The only two things that have really bothered me since the beginning is…

  1. between rounds when on the ground you get pushed across the entire map into the corner. I mean seriously, wtf is the thinking with that? Not only do you lose the round but now you are forced to start in the worst spot possible, likely with no chunks because you lost the previous round.

  2. Work really hard to get hard knockdowns to either get a chunk or put up a wall but when you do a hard knockdown and it ends a round you aren’t able to get that one chunk you work so hard to open up to get. I get that you shouldn’t be able to chunk up for free between rounds but a tiny bit of leeway to be able to chunk once if you get that knockdown i think should be allowed. Weird thing is sometimes I am able to chunk in these spots but most of the times i’m not.

I guess one last thing is maybe being able to chunk when throwing backwards like you do when throwing forwards but at the same time I do like dealing with the plus and minuses of both throws.

Honestly the tweaks to my first two points are the only buffs I think he needs that won’t break him or make him godlike.

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I feel like Aganos’s biggest problem is chunk collection. I feel like eventually hes gonna end up like spinal and get more ways to gather chunks the same way spinal ended up getting a lot more ways to get skulls.

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