Ideas for Rash's stage!

What setting should Rash’s stage take place?

Turbo tunnel? Space ship? A video arcade?

Wherever it is I hope there are more cameos from his game, I want to see Professor T.Bird, Zitz and Pimple, the Dark Queen or Big Blag in the background! Fill in the space with little rat guys and pigs, just make it fun as hell with lots going on. References to their past games, maybe a Battletoads arcade machine too.

It’d be funny to stage the fight in an arcade, maybe they could even have KI and KI2 cabinets in the background. I expect Rash’s stage would be one of the less-serious ones.


That would be awesome, I want it to have a lot of action like stages from other classic fighters that just have tons of people or weird crap going on. Marvel vs Capcom 2 style, hell they could have Zitz and Pimple in the back fighting off rats so it feels like you’re part of a battle helping them. XD

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I Kinda like the Bonus stage in BattleManiacs it has a nice trippy feel to it

The theme has me imagining starting somewhere in an 8-bit world. As the match ends a “round,” a portal opens up and we transition into a more 64-bit realm. On Ultra, we enter the Videogameverse… I dunno what that is but it’s trippy as far as I hear.

Something like this I’d like!

A 3D version of any Battletoads stage with Zitz and Pimple fighting off the Dark Queen’s forces in the background, maybe with her on a giant TV watching over the fight. On Ultra, the TV starts to break, and Zits and Pimple overcome the odds and finally defeat all enemies on screen, celebrating while they do.

For a theoretical Stage Ultra, you knock your opponent into Zitz and Pimple, who finish the job; Pimple lands the Anvil Swipe which sends your opponent on the ground, Zitz drills into them and boots them off stage, Battletoads style. Cut to character who landed the Stage Ultra celebrating; or, even better, comes over to do a level complete animation with the rest of the team like in the arcade version.

I was thinking the same with the stage ultra, knock them into the background where the other toads bully them and knock them out of the map. lol

Just imagine the possibilities in Rash’s stage… it’s going to probably be one of the coolest stages in KI.

Yeah, whatever they do I’m sure it’ll be crazy as hell.

I like the idea of using the arcade, though the speeder tunnels would be a good stage ultra. Rash kicks them into a portal, they wind up in the tunnels and are either forced to ride a cycle, or driven over by the rest of the battletoads gang.

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