Ideas for a Xbox All-Stars fighting game

Now that General RAAM just came out, this marks KI already having 3 guest characters…it’s like it’s slowly turning into Xbox All-Stars Battle Royale! :laughing:

Well jokes aside, let’s try to discuss ideas about a potential Xbox All-Stars fighting game…

  • Who should develop the game?
  • What characters and stages do you want to see?
  • How would the fighting system be like?
  • Should there be a story? If so, tell how the story would be.
  • Who do you think should be the boss(es)?

You can also share other ideas not listed above. Let’s go!


Iron Galaxy
Jago,Sabrewulf,Glacius,Thunder,Orchid,Sadira,Spinal,Fulgore,Shago,Tj,Maya,Kan-Ra,Riptor,Omen,Aganos,Hisako,Cinder,Aria,Rash,Kim Wu,Arbiter,Tusk,Mira,and General Raam
Combo breakers and stuff.
Boss is Gargos.

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  • 4 Player arena rumble.
  • Roster of 30+ consisting of characters from all xbox IP. With 4 of them being third party.
  • 16 Stages. Four of those belonging to each of the third party characters.
  • Items from different series. (Gravity hammer, hammer of dawn etc.)
  • Should have its own unique win system. (Just as Smash have their knock opponent of stage, and Sony Allstars super system. This game will have their own system that will completely differentiate from those titles)

Developers:(Not Sure)

Characters: Blinx The Cat, Marcus Phoenix, Raam, Spinal, Kim Wu, Pimple, Zitz, Rash, Frank West, The Doom Guy & Phil Spencer.

Fighting System: Power Stone like fighting gameplay.

No story just Arcade mode.

Boss: The Green X


Xbox doesn’t have enough good front figures to make up for a game like this. Not like Nintendo. Playstation tried, and though it has a good handful of cool fronts, not all of them are.

Microsoft’s got enough…Halo would give you several (at least 10-16 main spartans, not including Covenant types, Promethians), Gears has several characters, KI gives them another handful, Rare titles give them a lot of classic characters…they’d have plenty of characters to work with.

I think the big question would be…if they did make an all-stars game, and it overshadowed KI, which undoubtedly it would, would KI’s popularity grow from it or would it overshadow & choke out KI’s future?

I’d think a game with so many of the same kind of character would be incredibly dull.

A game like this should only have a few of the most popular faces of each franchise in it, not the entire roster of one franchise.

I know, right?


Difference is, they are all Mortal Kombat characters and they are in the MK franchise… which is ONE franchise!

Making an Xbox party brawler, which this thread is about, is taking characters from MULTIPLE franchises, like Super Smash Bros and Playstation All-stars, and put them into one game to fight eachother.

If you were to take an MK character and put in the party brawler, it would should only be a few of the most popular characters on the MK roster, e.g. Scorpion and Mileena.

10+ player 3d Beat-em-Up/ Hack-Slash game with large dynamic maps complete with vehicles and weapons from various franchises.

Master Chief / Arbiter / Grunt
Frank West
Splosion Man
Marcus/Cole Train/ JD

Rash, Zitz and Pimple are basically the same guy gameplay wise. Unless they can be made unique, I see no reason to have all three of them. And personally, I think 4 KI characters is maybe a bit too many. 3 at most.

Frank West was in Marvel VS Capcom 3, another clash fighter, so dunno if he fits. That other guy from the sequal might be worth considering instead.

I was simply taking you by what you said:

I really doubt an all-stars game would be half spartans. But it would not be surprising if it weren’t a quarter Halo characters. It is, after all, their biggest franchise, with plenty of characters to pull from.

But as far as variety goes, Smash has roughly 56 characters, even more if you count different skins, but out of that roster 9 are Mario characters…16 if you count all the koopa kids, which I plan to for this…

16 out of 63… that’s nearly a quarter of the smash roster…for one franchise…
and even if you want to get conservative 9/56 is still a significant number.

My guess is if they did make a game of this sort, they wouldn’t make it Halo with guests…but there would certainly be a significant Halo presence. It would just be dumb for there not to be.

And in MK, them being palette swaps is indeed dull. But in recent games they have become more and more unique. But that’s a discussion for another topic. ^^

Pimples suppose to the tank-power house

and Zitz has electric gauntlets that allows him to run electricity through his body and motoriz his limbs (drills, buzz saw…etc)

I’m pretty sure these things could be utilized to differentiate themselves from Rash.


Developer: Iron Galaxy

Play style: It would play like smash bros 4 players.
game modes:

  1. Ring out - knock the players off the level. Stock lives
  2. Last man standing - everyone has a health bar once 0 they pass out on the level
  3. Score - whoever does the map most damage
  4. RUN! - every player has keep moving through a constantly changing level till one person is left
  5. Story mode like smash bros with fights and boss battles

Killer instinct - jago, orchid, fulgore, gargos
Halo - masterchief, arbiter, brute leader
Dead rising - Frank west, chuck Greene
Rare - rash, banjo, conker, Joanna dark, kameo
Fable - jack of blades, the hero
Gears - skorge, Marcus, raam, carmine
Sunset overdrive - the player
Left 4 dead - Louis, Zoe
Ryse - main guy
Scalebound - main character
Recore - main girl

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Keeping in Mind that not all characters in Smash Bros were household names at release.

Challenge Accepted.

Jack of Blades

Shadow Run Runners

Kameo Concept Art for Kameo 2

Some random Xbox dude

Blinx the Time Sweeper


Blue Dragon


KI cast

Phantom Dust


Perfect Dark

Scale Bound

Haven’t really even scratched the surface on Rare IP’s. How about guest characters now?

Dead Rising Characters

Alan Wake

Dance Central


Has anyone here mentioned Xbox Live Avatars? They’d pretty much be the Mii Fighters of a game like this.


Funny thing is, this was SOMETHING that I have thought of the other day.