Ideas for a possible Stage Ultra for Kim's Stage!

So, I was thinking. If Kim does have a Stage Ultra in her stage, what would be some acceptable Ideas you could come up with? I still kinda like the Old-School KI2 Dojo Knock-Off, but I’d like to hear your ideas!

ow yess! More knock-off stage utras.

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You mean like the kind those street vendors are hocking outside IG HQ? I dunno man, those things look sketchy.

Maybe it could be something like Jago’s stage with a bit of a twist, that on her stage, if it is a dojo type stage, the opponent would get knocked down into piranha infested water where they would be devoured alive, but in another section, the opponent would get knocked up into a forbidden shrine that causes people to evaporate to dust if made contact

Or Just a reimagining of her Original Stage Ultra/Knock Off? That would be neat to see how it translates to KI.

it may be possible