Ideal Dimensions for Profile Features?

Hello all! Just had a quick question about some of the new customization options for the forums. I poked around the site and FAQ looking for any information on this but I couldn’t find it, so hopefully this question will help others as well. Basically, I think it would be helpful if the ideal dimensions for the Profile Background and User Card Background were uploaded somewhere. It tells us the width (850px and 590px respectively) that the images default to, but nothing about the height, nor about the maximum or ideal dimensions of the images that we are to be uploading. As a result, some images get resized and become blurry, or get clipped after uploading.

If I have overlooked this information anywhere I apologize! As someone who really enjoys designing and customizing sites, I just figured it would be helpful to have it readily accessible to everyone.

You have definitely not overlooked it. As a matter of fact we were trying to figure the exact proportions out yesterday. It took me a bit to get my profile pictures just right.

Once I get it figured out I will make sure to let you know.

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Awesome, thank you! I look forward to it!

If I could append onto this, anyway we could enable the feature of .gifs for our profile pics, please let us know.

Or if this could be a potential added feature in the future, please make it happen :slight_smile:

Yeah this site will be evolving over time, and I will see just how powerful these forums are. While I am not promising anything, know that I will look down every possible avenue I can.

Hey guys, any word on this? No rush of course, I’m just itching to whip up some graphics!