[Idea] Shadow Lords: Play with what you earn

So the idea of a mode in SL that is more akin to Arcade Lsdders has been intriguing me for a while. We have some time off at work right now, so I thought of a few things and decided to make this topic to see if we as a community can’t make a theoretically fun and replayable version of SL that has a finite set of turns and does not allow you to retain all the stuff you earned. So here goes,

4 boss lines (Shago, ARIA, Gargos and Eyedol). More can be added.
Max 20-30 turns.
Team of 3, but only 1 mission every turn where you can assign as many of the 3 as you want.
Earn consumables per fight (could allow 1 random consumable to start the first fight with). Every 5th fight is a mini-boss and grants a random Guardian.
Guardians cannot be fed, but start with full charges. They also will not be earned outside of the mini-boss fights
Subsequent playthroughs do not retain earned consumables and Guardians.

2 versions of the storylines, good side and bad side. Different intros and some cinematics. They all end by tying into Gargos’ arrival in the Main SL mode.
Shago’s line is about him trying to conquer the Earth for Gargos, but failing inevitably.
ARIA’s line is about recruiting people to fight against Gargos. Good joins, Evil destroys some of her failsafe which leads to Gargos’ arrival.
A duplicate of Gargos that he split from himself arrives to thwart your preparations.
Eyedol has been awoken and is ready to obliterate everyone.

That’s what I got out of about half an hour. Please drop in with your suggestions or ideas and lets keep things civil :smile: .

Too much has been vested in the mechanics as they stand. SL is already dealing with a finite number of turns and the whole point is seeing just how long you can stall gargos from coming and making sure he shows up weak.
SL has finally reached a point where people can comfortably manage the stuff they have make interesting combos of consumables and guardians, farm gems, collect daily loot, and rack up a huge turn counter so they can climb up the leader board and get a sweet end game reward. I can say this for a fact because even I have figured it out, and I are a doof.
While I do like the idea of mini bosses, your suggestion would involve taking the entire SL mode back to formula and starting over.