Idea: Manual doubles?

What do you think about instead of doing auto double by pressing one button of particular strenght, pressing two buttons of that strenght one after another?

For example, after linker you want to perform medium double, and you have freedom to input both attacks in order you want: linker -> mp, mk // linker -> mk, mp

Note that I do NOT mean to do manuals from KI2 when you pressed button of certain strenght and followed it with 1 strenght lower with right timing, both hits would be same strenghts.

It would not add much to the game aside from spicing up execution a little bit, making it a little more interesting.

It would make the space in between linkers slightly more difficult to identify, but not actually any harder to break. Since we already have doubles and manuals, I personally see no reason to add this, as it seems rather superfluous.

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My intention for this idea is to add a little SF target combo level of execution for players that seek challenge, you could turn it on similarly to combo assist.

Well, my stance is, and remains - no thank you.

I would agree with this. Manuals also have the benefit of being harder to break to as a result because they only hit once and it requires a really good read and good timing to break them already. If you can hit a double manual twice, why not just stick to an auto-double?

Personally I think the combo system is fine as it is. It’s challenge comes from how you go against the player, not simply weather or not you can do it without the threat of an intelligent opponent knowing how to break your combos or actively strategizing to fight you.

As a character trait, it could be cool.

As a system mechanic, it sort of defies the established functionality and risk/reward of M/H auto-doubles (by making them more difficult to identify and thus break on reaction). That said, ixnay on the ystemsay echanicmay.


One of the ideas behind target combos is that they require no skill to perform, just mashing one after the other. It’s links that require timing, and those we already have with manuals.


This sounds liked combo assist for manuals. Why learn how to do a manual when you can mash your way into one.

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I don’t know man, it could even out the playing field for people like me who used to be really good at KI but not so much nowadays. Interesting idea.

Since you’re reacting to the first hit of an auto double, and this isn’t proposing to be the second coming of TJ’s original auto barrage mechanic (i.e. allow you to fake out an auto double by moving to a different strength and then back to a linker), this wouldn’t technically change the breakability of any character.

The main problem I see is that it would make it more difficult for new players to learn their opponent’s auto doubles. Memorizing four auto doubles (both mediums + both heavies) for most of the cast, as well as numerous combo traits, is already a large burden for people learning the game, without being thrown off by the variation introduced by this kind of mechanic. There’s also the problem that it’d add unneeded complexity that distracts from the central mechanics that you want players to engage with as early as possible.

I get that you want to style on your opponents without having to learn manuals and juggles that may have tight execution requirements, but I think this idea would make the game worse.

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