Idea: Limited free character trials

Simple enough, just periodically allow a player to get a character they don’t own for a “trial run” so they can play as them for a bit and see if they would want to get them or not. Maybe even restrict it so that they can only use the character in Training, Practice, and Versus CPU (if that’s a mode in the game, I forget) or something.

I know that that’s the point of the free character rotation but the rotation doesn’t happen all that fast and it doesn’t really go beyond the first couple Season 1 characters, from what I’ve seen.

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You should be able to play any character in practice mode in my opinion. but I guess you can play against all the AI’s with infinite HP in there, and there are a lot of players that only fight the AI.

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Maybe like mkxs premier challenge tower.

What may end up happening is each character getting their own trial/dojo mode in season 3. If that happens, I think it will help people learn characters they don’t own.