Idea: Gargos gets a unique intro quote for every character

Considering that he is probably much THE big bad of Killer Instinct 2013, I think it’d be fitting if there was something special about him like this. We’ve seen this before in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, when you fight Oni as the hidden true final boss of Arcade mode. His intro quote changes depending on which character you are playing as.

If this isn’t part of normal matches, then I think it should at least be part of the encounter with him as a boss (which I KNOW will be a thing). It’s nothing major, but sometimes little touches like this can make the experience that much more special.


While i would prefer the whole cast get unique intro quotes i wouldn’t mind it only being Gargos. Shago gets only ultimate, Aria gets only character specific announcer, Gargos gets character specific intros.


Whatever there reasons were for saying they couldn’t have more than one pre-fight / win quote per character will also likely apply to new characters… But they could do this as cut-scenes in the new story modes; but then that would only be for the season 3 characters…

If they can do it, would really enjoy seeing this as it would make the game less stale imho.

I like it

It would be great, but I don’t see them bothering seeing how they every other character has kept the same intro/outro. We can hope I suppose…

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i think i remember them telling us why they wouldnt do it, but i still pray every night for dynamic quotes or at the very least multiple quotes.

its tedious especially with all the new characters having much longer win quotes.

do they not have access to some of the voice actors anymore?