Idea for new situational shadow move


The fact that it’s the omen players that don’t see how this would be a straight up buff is baffling.


I dont agree with the idea so not sure why you are grouping me in the “baffling” Omen group.


Yeah like I mean we can pretty much already activate shadow orda on the ground and then jump so I just don’t see it as a buff because you can already do plenty of things against omen when he has an orda shield on and in the air.

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So if you had to loose something to add this in …what would it be or would it be worth it?

Also what situations would call for an air activation of the move?


Really good question, I can’t think of what I would trade.

When fighting against cinder, sadira, shadow jago, rash etc.

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Take the arguments to PMs.


In general, any comment in a thread is fair game for discussion. Words mean things, and while the conversation certainly hasn’t been entirely civil, one or two people disagreeing with an idea is not getting “crucified” or evidence of a virtual lynch mob. It’s a forum - people are going to both agree and disagree with you at any given moment. Disagreement is not persecution.

@VladKravich A free activation of shadow orda in the air would be a strict buff, in that there is nothing about having it that could conceivably make Omen a worse character. Exactly how good it winds up being is in the details, but depending on how that shakes out, it could be very, very good. It would make Omen, who is already very difficult to anti-air, strictly more difficult to anti-air, and depending on how he’s allowed to activate it, makes him functionally 100% safe on any aerial approach. Given the existing strength of Omen’s aerial approaches, I hope you can see why other players might find that problematic. Omen has considerable access to meter, and already gets nasty “endless” pressure strings that have frame traps embedded in them - having the option to activate that kind of pressure from the air (where again, he’s already very difficult to contest), is several bridges too far. Omen is already a Top 5 character; he doesn’t need strict buffs on top of his already very potent kit.

@FallofSeraphs76 Regarding Omen’s throw resetting more or less to neutral mid screen, I think it’s just a tradeoff for how amazing it is in the corner. Other characters get HKD’s and pressure from throws, sure, but they also don’t generally get standing resets just because they threw someone near the corner. Omen still has some of the nastier corner pressure in the game because of his throw, and that’s not nothing. The inability to put out fireballs immediately after a midscreen throw is definitely a nerf, but I don’t think it makes Omen a particularly worse character. It means his throw resets to neutral, but Omen’s neutral is pretty godlike overall. He’s not lacking for ways to get in from midscreen.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Hisako hasn’t received any changes to when she can “activate” a move to my knowledge, unless you’re speaking of descent cancels, which didn’t exist in S2. The addition of those and shadow air-ORZ, and the changes to descent frame data, were all strict buffs though, as would be the proposed OP change to Omen.


Yes Hisako got to do the shadow ry o zan or whatever up in the air. Its a very close comparison to what Vlad is trying to explain. (Which I dont agree with or think is needed, but its fun to come up and discuss new ideas never the less)

And you are totally right…Omens corner throw is amazing and nasty and all that good stuff. But what really blows about the mid screen throw now is the time frame you have to wait until you can do a special move (Rashakuken in this discussion) If you dont time it just right and do it a hair to early you get a normal…and that can be really bad. Especially if you end up getting a heavy standing punch and your opponent shoots out a forward traveling move that can and will catch you. Or they can jump in and kick you in the face.

SO yes, its definitely a nerf…my issue with it is it’s an unintentional by product of the corner throw- ambiguous special move nerf.

It would be great if they just would allow the rashakuken to continue a usual and only lock out the Flurry kick and Slide from the throw recovery. (It can be done since both shadow Rash and Orda can still be canceled into after the throw)

Its not the end of the world by no means…Im still just as good as before with Omen… but if they added the Rash back into the throw recovery… it would not make Omen stronger compared to the reason they made the nerf in the 1st place.

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I agree it just feels off not being able to shoot off any rashakukens after a throw, most of the time I end up standing there and all that comes out is a m.p.

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Exactly! Thank you!

Like I said its not the end of the world… you sorta get used to it. But to take away one thing that literally no one used except Tonier skate, take away the corner ambiguous move but then also take away something else in the process that everyone uses that isnt a real advantage just seems a bit unnecessary.

The recovery is way too long and many times online I end up getting a normal after a throw and it can cause you some serious momentum.

I end up thinking too much about not using a throw unless Im near the corner or have an instinct to pop when I should be focusing more on other things.

But you know it is what it is… it isnt going to change…we dont have to like it either…but I guess we will have to live with it.

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What are you talking about? He could always throw rashakuken after the grab.


Stop it lol

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Tbh I don’t see the throw nerf rashakuken set up as a big deal unless your opponent has shadow meter with a projectile invulnerable horizontal move. Plus omen has the ability to lock out shadow meter to avoid situations like these. I still think your play style works, you just need to think about it a little more.


Concerning this topic, no I don’t see any purpose for this move at all really. Why does he need to control the air more than he already does? What purpose will it serve? Can’t he just do it from neutral THAN jump? It seems like a cool fantasy idea but I actually don’t see it as a logical change for the character.


Inb4 Omen air slide which is a dive kick Kappa


omen buff? sign me up lol (lol you guys had a very long arguments)


If omen has a dive kick I’d cream lol

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dude he has a dive kick! air dash MK!


What I think omen needs now is a boss move set for shadow lords much like gargos since he is essentially a mini-boss. He could be able to use shadow air Rasha shield and be able to fire off regular rashakukens in mid air or something OP.


I really wish Omen would have been a secret boss for S2 story mode like Shago was in S1. He would have been a killer Kyle difficulty boss match!