Idea about the Arbiter "Classic" costume / Master Chief

Nobody likes clones in games, they take up precious character slots just to enlarge the roster without adding much value.

So let’s avoid taking up additional player slots but still make the fans happy.

The game already has 2 guest characters, I don’t think anyone would want half the cast of S3 to be guest characters.

But there might be a way around that…

The Arbiter is the equivalent of Master Chief but for the Covenant.

Why not make 2 in 1.

Original costume: Arbiter.
Classic costume: Master Chief, same move set (different soundbite).

I think this can actually work very well.

What do you guys think?


No because that would deny arbiter from having his own actual costume. Plus I’m pretty sure the hit boxes wouldn’t line up well between the two models. Chief would have to be in a really awkward position with Alien shaped limbs.


I don’t think it’ll work for one MC has a completely different body shape than the Arbiter so they’ll either have to make another rig which would be no point might well just add MC or use the same rig which would look disturbing to say the least.

I think the neck might be the hardest challenge, but body posture I believe can work.

It’d be easier to tell once he’s unveiled.

I don’t think he needs a classic costume as everything can be made with the accessories. They never really had ALT outfits in the game, mainly different armor pieces.

Food for thought.

I’m sure it won’t happen, but the concept could’ve been interesting.

Interesting idea, but logistically improbable considering character frames and the like. No thanks, I’d prefer he get his Halo 2 outfit or just a standard Elite (All Red/Blue/White/etc.).

His retro will be the arbiter armor since the new one is his halo 5 armor apparently.

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The Sangheili race is shaped completely differently from the human race… they would have to make a completely new rig for MC to work

Or give an MC based accessory set for fulgore since one of his face masks looks like one of the titanfall soldiers helmets or at least to me anyway that way you’ll have a look alike costume instead of a new guest.

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Arbiter with MC rig



I think his moveset is going to be VERY Elite-like, applying a MC skin would look awful.

Inlove these armours

Deul mdamas armour is awsome… it wouldnt make allot of sense but i do like it.

Traditional Arbiter should me main i think… although he has the prophets bane witch is a halo 5 weapon.

His alternative could be his new alien style halo 5 armor… if love to see that gold shine

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Can’t wait to see his accessories. What references could they work in for the Arbiter?

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I want naked arbiter for classic. I like how the species itself looks.

I’ve had this EXACT same idea for teh same EXACT reason.

It isn’t difficult to imagin at all imho. Halo 2 and Halo 3 did it. Spartans and Elites are similar enough. But we could also give Fulgore a really good Spartan costume too! Grunt humpback thing on Sabrewulf too!

It would be even easier to do with a Gears of War Locust/Marcus Phoenix character too.

No… no they didnt… Elites and Spartans had completely different rigs in Halo 2 and 3. Show me the MC on an edited rig and I’ll show you nightmare fuel