I'd really like the option to rematch on a random stage

KI has a TON of stages, but unless someone’s switching characters like crazy I only see a couple of them per local/exhibition play session. It really isn’t worth loading all the way back to the character select screen every match just for a new background, but it would be nice to have a non-intrusive way to add stage variety without having to do that. Maybe with a toggle on the “rematch” screen that will load a random stage for the next match if both players select it?

Please: YES!
And add also a random character rematch so, if I’m in VC CPU I can fight a random character in a random stage every time I choose “rematch” (if I choose random at the select screen, clearly) without the need to go back to the select screen every time.

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I agree on both accounts from the previous 2 posts.

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Ooooh, that sounds like fun :smiley: Would be a nice way to keep it from being the same few stages over and over again. I mean I love Aganos’s stage but dude I don’t want to spend the whole day there.

While I’m interested, I suspect this won’t be possible without a long load time in between rounds , especially if one/both characters AND the stage are set to random.

I’ve already seen a fair number of posts on these forums complaining about load times, and I don’t think IG will make these changes if it makes loading worse. Maybe they’ve got engine tweaks incoming which can allow “random repeat” witht a faster load time though!

the “random rematch” option would be triggered only if user want to.
If I select the “?” for both opponent and stage, the rematch would load both.
if I select the “?” only for one of them, the rematch would change only the object I selected not loading the other…or eveng loading it again because anyway I would be forced to wait for the full loading if I would change even one of them (opponent or stage).
Man, I swear I would be well prepared to the loading time, it’s the same for the survival.

At least give us a true arcade ladder, with 8 random opponents and the option to choose our customized character/color because at now it does not exist an arcade for the season 2 chars and for shago neither.

Uh, would be cool also to be able to choose a color for my shadow character…but I would pay for the rematch and arcade ladder thing!
Take my money!
C’mon! Take my money!!! But give me that options!!

Sorry for the bad English anyway :sweat:

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Great Idea…I think an online Arcade ladder would be cool. it could load up just like the Shadows Survival ladder loads. that would be fun

This is an awesome idea, and shouldn’t be too hard to implement. Of course, it would increase load times between rematches, but who cares. This would be phenomenal if included in KI.

Ok, I don’t know why this hasn’t been implemented yet, BUT they absolutely need to include that feature in S3.

Yes it’ll increase load times but that’s a conscious decision from the player.

Oftentimes we select a stage and we play 20 games straight in the sane level because we don’t want to go back through the process of selecting the players again.

Once the players choose random stage and the choose rematch, the game should randomize the stage. There’s different ways of doing it, it could be randomize the level once every 1/3/5/7,etc… Games.

But this feature needs to happen, seriously.