I would like IG to make an Arena fighter or Hyper Fighter to compliment KI

KI can’t go on forever (even though all of the support from the fans and the developers doing a great job is making me believe that it can). I think it would be great if IG made an arena fighter similar to Power Stone or a Hyper Fighter similar to the Marvel vs Series to complement Ki when they are done supporting the game.

Can you imagine if they turned Fusion Frenzy into an Arena Fighter? I think it would be great if KI expaneded into a action adventure Beat-em-Up to flesh out the lore too.

Man I was just looking through the list of IPs that Microsoft owns and boy is it thin. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Studios most of those games have low brand recognition even if they are great games. That is mostly Microsofts fault. I can’t blame them if they don’t see money in trying to revive some of the IPs. But KI was dead before 2013 and look how that turned out.

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I support your idea!

I would honestly like to see a 4-player beat-em-up akin to the Ninja Turtles arcade games or Scott Pilgrim or Castle Crashers.


I always thought they would be able to pull off a cool Xmen Legends type of game. To those unfamiliar to that think Marvel Ultimate Aliance.

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TJ Combo

Kim Wu

—Unlockable Chars—




Edit: I forgot Thunder and Aganos. The OG lore bros lol

I do believe the phrase you’re looking for is “dungeon runner” - and yes, as a fan of the genre, that’d be pretty neat.

@WrathOfFulgore My wife recently DL’d Castle Crashers at the behest of the lad. The three of us have been it playing together lately and I didn’t expect how fun it’d be! First non-fighting game I’ve been able to play w/ an arcade stick (discovered on accident, actually), and damn it’s good! If a KI-clone were to be playable w/ sticks, then hell yeah, count me in!

Either this idea or an adventure game like Marvel ultimate Alliance

Or a quest game like god of war that centers on Jago and his tale of the Tiger Spirit and his corruption

Ive been wanting an arena fighter with KI’s combo system for a while, it could be great for a new KI

Arena fighter? heck yes.

Hyper fighter like Marvel Vs Capco-HISSSSS!!!

Unless “infinitie” combos are not added I can get behind the idea.