I wonder what uappens now that i won the arena tournament

I won the arena tournament, how would I receive my prize? If anyone knows

Which one was it? I won the uk on Friday. Only 16 entrants and no prize up for grabs for me :frowning:

On a side note. I’m super impressed with how arena is integrated. Really slick.

Mine was thesatuday prized tournamentwith 53 participants

The saturday*

How does one participate in this from Xbox One? Is it accessible from in-game? Or is there a link you can post here? Sorry if this is explained elsewhere, this is the first I am hearing of any arena tournament. I would love to join you guys! :slight_smile:

If you go to the game hub, there is a tournaments tab. If there is a tournament available, you select it and then hit register. It’s a very neat system, it even gives you notifications as to when your match is ready.

Something to note is you must be part of the preview program

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I’m fairly certain that the preview dashboard he’s referring too has since been released to the general public about a week ago. I believe it’s the holiday update that always drops in November, but ya it’s live now.